Venus Control Suite Onboarding

This journey allows you to learn Venus Control Suite at your own pace. Follow the journey by taking each module in order or jump straight to the section you wish to learn more about. Use the arrows to move to the desired section!

Creating Display Ready Content


Managing Content in Venus Control Suite

Venus Control Suite allows you to upload media files, create content and schedule your media within a matter of minutes. This is done by using the Media Library and the Playlists. We will start off by going through the Media Library which serves as your central storage location for all uploaded content as well as media created within Venus Control Suite. Venus Control Suite accepts several different media file formats and provides a web-based platform for generating content. Media files need to be stored in the Media Library before scheduling any content in a playlist.

Media Library Basics

Dropdown Menu

Several options are available at the top of the Media Library window for managing and viewing media files: Add New, Add New drop-down list, Tag and associate selected items, Media Management, Delete Selected Items, List View, and Card View. The Add New option allows you to bring media files from your computer into your Venus Control Suite account. The drop down list gives you the option to upload content, two content compositor options to design content, and the option to explore media kits offered by Daktronics.

Deleting Content

The trash can along the top of the menu allows you to delete the selected files. If a media file is deleted from the media library and it's scheduled in a playlist, it will remove it from the display as well.

How do I delete Items out of the Media Library in Venus Control Suite?

Uploading Files

Media files must be uploaded into Venus Control Suite before they can be added to a playlist. The Venus Control Suite uploader allows users to upload multiple files at once as well as associating each piece of content with tags or accounts.

A group of files, uploaded at the same time, will likely have commonalities that can be expressed by one or more tags. When uploading multiple files, all are selected by default allowing users to apply one tag. A user can still add a tag to individual files using the Tag Selected Items button in the Media Library. To start uploading media, click the blue "Add New" button and follow the steps.

File Format

Venus Control Suite allows you the option for .avi or .jpeg files. Other acceptable file formats include graphic files such as .png and .bmp as well as video files such as .mp4 and .mov. You can also upload Daktronics VMPF files created in Content Studio.

What are the supported file types, formats and requirements, specifications for animations and videos in Venus Control Suite?

What are the supported file types, formats and requirements, specifications for graphics and images in Venus Control Suite?

Tagging and Associating

Tag your content while uploading media. Media files must be uploaded before they can be added to a playlist. If you forget to tag during the upload process, don't worry! You can also apply a tag by clicking on the piece of content and adding a tag from the Media Library. Now all you have to do to use the tags is find them! In your Media Library, on the right side under Filters, you will see different options like Display Dimensions, Added to Library and File Type. Below those options is where you will find Tags.

Tags are keywords that can be added to creative content to categorize the content. Tags make content searchable by a specific word or words. The word(s) is the tag that relates to the content.
Bank: Departments or Product, Real Estate, Insurance, Savings, Free Checking
Restaurant: Meal, Item Category or Event, Seasonal, Desserts, Special Occasions
Church: Events/Holiday Services, Vacation Bible School, Sunday School, Confirmation
Convenience Store: Service or Product, Fuel, Repairs, Food
Grocery Store: Departments, Grocery, Dry Goods, Meats, Seafood, Deli, Specialty, Produce, Promotions
Realtor: Listing Status, Location, Lot Size, Open House, Current Listings

Creating Content in Venus Control Suite

Two content compositors are available, and offer have different advantages. Web Editor allows you to create content pieces within a matter of minutes. You're able to add multiple slides that contain text, date, time or temp, and media items from your media library! Content Studio allows you to add text and images with transitions and effects.

Web Editor - Content Creation

Let's start with the Web Editor which is accessible on any internet enabled device. That means you can create content right from your cell phone! This can be accessed by clicking the blue arrow drop down to the right of the "Add New" button and selecting "New Web Presentation" OR access this from the "My Apps" menu in the upper right hand corner. Learn to create various presentations by viewing the below videos!

How do I create time, temp, and date messages with Web Editor in Venus Control Suite?

Easy Drop Weather

Use Easy Drop Weather to become the go-to weather provider in your area! Easy Drop Weather allows you to easily pull in the current temperature, weather conditions, as well as images showing the current weather. You're also able to pull in a forecast up to 7 days in the future to show the high and low temperature for those days, the weather conditions and images showcasing those weather conditions.


Web Editor - Content Templates

Within the Venus Control Suite Web Editor you can create templates that are easily modifiable to have a consistent look for your menu boards or anywhere else you might use them! Templates often contain backgrounds with sample images and text that users can modify and save a presentation based on the content.


Content Studio

Users have the option to create media files called presentations with the Daktronics Content Studio application. Once downloaded, launch Content Studio through Venus® Control Suite. To download the Content Studio software, visit daktronics. com/contentstudio. In this section you will learn about adding layouts, importing media, adding data fields and more.

How do I download Content Studio for Venus Control Suite?

How do I launch Content Studio for Venus Control Suite?

Content Studio Video Series

Layout Editor

The Layout Editor interface is an all-in-one canvas that allows you to create a unique look for your display. With options for laying and zoning such as an L-Bar, U-Bar, and Overlay, the options are endless! This will control how the display transitions to a new look including effects and dynamically changing the size and position of a zone. For example, you could have the weather displayed on the bottom of your display while still showing your regular messaging in the upper portion.

Best Practices

When creating content, ensuring you're following Best Practice guidelines is key to success. Daktronics provides you with detailed information on how you can achieve the best content to visually appeal to your audience. With these simple tips, you'll be creating content that leaves an impression on all those that pass by!

A Guide to Creating Content for LED Displays


LCD Best Practices

Whether you’re an experienced graphic designer or just learning the ropes, this guide will help you maximize your most effective advertising medium—your digital display. You’ll learn the importance of content and how it can enhance your brand, influence customer decisions, elevate their experience in your store, and even amplify your other marketing channels.

Creating content for LCD displays is different from traditional media, so we’ll break down the entire process. You'll learn about good design principles, common mistakes to avoid, and find inspiration for your own designs.

Download a copy to discover exciting ways to communicate with everyone who passes your digital display. As you create content, refer to this guide often. Keep track of what works and what does not. Be sure to take notes in the provided lines and share your policies with everyone creating content.

Download Guide

Explore Free Content

We're here to give you all the tools you need to succeed for creating content for your display. Our Creative Service team has put together a large collection of free content packages to enhance your content. Your money-making ad campaign or efforts to reach your community is only a click away! Each package contains several pieces of appealing, motivating content created by top-notch motion graphics artists. Along with the free content option, there are a paid content packages on the site below to explore.

How do I access the free media from

Media Kit

Referring back to the media kit discussed in the previous section, this free content resource becomes of great benefit when creating content. Be sure to download that here! The media kit contains almost 400 animated and still content pieces to use on your display. These content pieces will help make your content more appealing and engaging!

How do I download the Venus Control Suite Media Kit?

Sending Content to Display

Scheduling Content to Display

The new Scheduling App simplifies scheduling to multiple displays and makes adjusting playlist properties a breeze. If you don’t see the Scheduling App yet, it won’t be long before you will be able to use this great new feature!

Create playlists by clicking the blue "Add New" button, and they will be sent to the display when you select "Play." We suggest grouping similar content in playlists to help with organization. For example, put all of your Morning Breakfast content in one and Afternoon Lunch content in another. Or for schools, put your announcements in one and sport schedules in another. You can customize each playlist by setting duration, date ranges, time of the day, and days of the week to control when your content is displayed. You can also take that one step further and set up specifications on individual media files.

Welcome to the new Venus Control Suite Scheduling App


Exclusive Vs. Override Playlist

Exclusive and Override Playlists are types of playlists that will take priority over your standard playlists, allowing you to have certain messages play on certain dates and times. Activating these playlists could appear more frequently or pause all of your other content.

How do I use an exclusive playlist?

How do I create a playlist override in Venus Control Suite?


Multi Select Blog Article

Multi-Select can be used on playlist properties or within a playlist to focus on multiple file properties. To understand better, let’s focus on playlist vs. individual files.

Multi-Select Properties in VCS is Here and Ready to Make Your Workflow Faster!


Playlist Priority

Playlist Priority allows you to change the play order of your playlists so that can you have them play in an order of your choosing.

Time To Get Your Priorities Straight! Playlist Priority That Is.


Synchronized Playlist

This video covers the benefits of the synchronized playlist option in VCS. This is how multiple pieces of content can be synched up on different displays or zones.

Venus Scheduling: How do I schedule multiple displays to sync content


Scheduled Content Report

Are you curious about what content you have scheduled on your Daktronics display? The Scheduled Content View in the Scheduling App can give you a clear visual representation of your daily scheduled content.

Venus Scheduling: How do I view my scheduled content in Venus Control Suite?

Data Studio

Data Studio Overview

Data Studio gives you the capability to show data feeds such as weather, lottery jackpot, and other RSS/XML formatted feeds. These can then be quickly added into a Web Editor presentation to customize as you'd like.


Data Paging

With Data Paging you can set up data feeds that scroll through item lists automatically. This eliminates manual set up and schedules items to cycle through in order and for the duration you give each item.


Conditional Scheduling

Conditional Scheduling in Data Studio allows content to be played based on the value of data from a data source. For example: a rule can be created that triggers an umbrella piece of content to show up only when a weather feed says it is raining.

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