Fuelight Series & Cash Credit Display Shop Drawings

Shop drawings give exact dimensions, weight, and other specific information about products. Use these to help you before buying a product, or they can be helpful if a product ever needs to be remounted or moved.


Fuelight Shop Drawings

FL-3000 Shop Drawings

Digit Height FL-3000 Drawings
8" (R, A or G) DWG-01086408
12" (R, A or G) DWG-01086409
16" (R, A or G) DWG-01086410
18" (R, A or G) DWG-01086411
20" (R, A or G) DWG-03177644
24" (R, A or G) DWG-01086412
30" (R, A or G) DWG-01086413
36" (R, A or G) DWG-01150358
48" (R, A or G) DWG-01150359

FL-4500 Shop Drawings

Digit Height FL-4500 Drawings
8" (R, A or G) DWG-01086414
12" (R, A or G) DWG-01086415
16" (R, A or G) DWG-01086419
18" (R, A or G) DWG-01086420
24" (R, A or G) DWG-01086421
30" (R, A or G) DWG-01086422
36" (R, A or G) DWG-01150360
48" (R, A or G) DWG-01150361

Cash Credit Display Shop Drawings

Cash Credit Display Size Shop Drawings
1H1W DWG-1162030
2H2W DWG-1162033

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