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No stats on stat panels for basketball, monitor file does not include file type ".sb"
How to verify Stat Crew wiring and its connections to Daktronics equipment.
All Sport 5000, How to Set Volleyball Aces, Kills, Blocks, or Digs on Stat Panels SD- scoreboards
Home and Guest information on PLYR/FLS/PTS (Stat panels) are swapped, Mounted on wrong sides of scoreboard
How do I allow the All Sport operator to control the fixed digit Stat Panels and DakStats info to still go to my Matrix board.
Stat panels with electronic caption being controlled by All Sport Pro show FLS instead of FL causing letters to overlap
Some of the weight classes are not showing up or are missing from being displayed on Stat Panels
Hardwired shot clock is blank, Loose signal cable
Console is not prompting to update player score stats, Team score feature is turned off in the all sport
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Zero on 6th line of stat panel
Stat Panel not showing correct information, Driver outputing to wrong digit.
How to Connect A Stat Panel to DakStats
ColorSmart scoreboard equipment showing incorrect or missing data; Driver not receiving full config data
Scoreboard is blank with no POST; Failed transformer
Random digits or segments flash on a scoreboard, Driver firmware
What basketball code do I use for my AS 4000
Console is not prompting for player number when pressing the TEAM FOULS +1; Team fouls is turned off
All Sport Console is asking what player scored after pressing score buttons.
Hardwired shot clock is blank; Failed scoreboard driver
Wireless scoreboard not responding to wireless console, Incompatible radio generations
Scoreboard will not light up, Damaged radio harness
Scoreboard blanking, Clock is skipping or lagging, Antenna and antenna wire are installed incorrectly.
Scoreboard or section of scoreboard is blank, Failed driver
Wireless Gyrus Scoreboard FTFU; Able to control top half of scoreboard but bottom half is blank, radio receiver plugged into secondary driver
Scoreboard is blank or lighting incorrectly, Wrong driver address
How to build an ERTD requested stats button in Display Studio.
How do I setup requested stats for V-Play?
Digit color does not display correctly on a ColorSmart scoreboard, Firmware issue
Setting up DakStats Rodeo with Omni Sport 2000 to a Galaxy Via serial connection