The repair or replacement of the front end video and audio products listed on these pages are not included in Daktronics Standard Service or Extended Service scope (the “Excluded Products”). However, Daktronics will pass along to the purchaser any manufacturer’s warranty to the extent applicable. The links provided herein are for your convenience only. Daktronics is not responsible for any modifications made to the stated warranties by the manufacturer or for the manufacturer’s performance of any of its warranty obligations. In the case that the purchaser has an Extended Service plan with Daktronics that provides for on-site labor and the manufacturer warrants the repair or replacement of any Excluded Product, Daktronics will include the on-site labor to uninstall and reinstall the Excluded Product or component thereof.

Front end video

Download the excel file of service exclusions for
third party video parts.



Download the excel file of the service exclusions for
third party audio parts.