​Daktronics Product Manuals

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 Manuals & Guides



4-Inch LED Bar-Digit Locker Room Clock Display Manual (DD1732287)965715
Analog Clock Installation & Maintenance Manual (ED-16102)561882
Aquatics/Track LED Scoreboards Display Manual (DD3043167)6333177
BB-2135 Backboard LED Light Strips Display Manual (ED-14187)1744437
Backlit and Non-Backlit Scorers Tables Display Manual (DD1709675)946656
C33 Chrondek Drag Race Timer Manual12619663
C44 Chrondek Drag Race Timer Manual3198940
Chrondek CH-1018H Manual1093520
Chrondek CH-1018V Manual927397
Chrondek CH-1024H Manual1147963
Chrondek CH-1036H Manual1140963
Chrondek CH-1036V & CH-1436V Manual1026251
Chrondek CH-1124V Manual912805
Chrondek CH-1318V Manual812751
Chrondek CH-1421-H & CH-1521-H Manual5664624
Chrondek CH-1421V Manual1127989
Chrondek CH-1424-WB Manual4245728
Chrondek CH-1436H Manual1155705
Chrondek CH-1618H Manual764824
Chrondek CH-1618V Manual2624176
Chrondek CH-1624V Manual842830
Chrondek CH-2024V Manual969728
Chrondek CH-24-DS Manual3746519
Chrondek CH-36-DS Manual3884717
Chrondek CH-424 Manual2821531
Chrondek CH-836H Manual1060879
Chrondek CH-936H Manual2776522
Chrondek Finish Light Systems Manual2041737
Chrondek TSI Interface Manual116646
ColorSmart Indoor LED Scoreboards Service Manual (DD2507404)1305341
Daktronics Pitch Time Displays Manual (DD3011529)14288966
Horn Start HS-200 Owners Manual (ED-12935)3019584
Indoor Hockey Goal Lights Display Manual (ED-13358)1795110
LED End-of-Period Basketball Lighting Display Manual (ED-13652)1242607
LED Timer w/ Batteries Display Manual (DD2959933)3779622
LTS-BB Backboard LED Light Strips Manual1459329
MS-2013 Portable LED Scoreboards Display Manual (ED-13145)3490623
MS-2113 Portable LED Scoreboard Display Manual (DD3277683)3605186
MS-2113 Radio Installation Quick Guide (DD4661729)1753771
Matside Jr LED Wrestling Scoreboards Manual (ED-15023)2121663
Multipurpose Track & Field LED Timing Displays Manual (ED-13768)1940706
Net Mounting Instructions (ED-8687)175466
Outdoor Decorative Accents Installation Manual (ED-16076)1499624
Outdoor LED Motorsports Displays Installation Manual (DD2956770)3088279
Outdoor LED Scoreboards Installation Manual (DD2956757)4001669
Outdoor LED Scoreboards w/ Gyrus Driver Service Manual (DD3000541)2407406
Outdoor Scoreboard Horns Installation Manual (DD3088739)1749020
PC-2001 Pace Clock System Display Manual (ED-13737)1995121
PC-2002 Pace Clock System Display Manual (ED-14253)1647005
Portable LED Timers Display Manual (DD1847112)888666

Discontinued Products

Although we may not offer some products anymore, we realize these products may still be in use at your facility. If the manual you are looking for cannot be found on this page, check out our discontinued products page.

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