Custom Audio Controller Maintenance

​Custom ​​​​​​Audio Controller Maintenance

The Daktronics audio control is practically a maintenance free control system. The following are guidelines to ensure the audio control system continues to operate as expected for the entire system lifetime​.

Routine Maintenance Checks:

  1. Inspect all components for excess dust and debris. Clean with soft cloth and compressed air duster as needed. Cover control racks when not in use to protect from dust, debris, and UV rays.
  2. Power up audio control rack and sound system.
  3. Verify UPS is working properly.
  4. Recall mixer presets and test for proper operation.
  5. Verify any auxiliary systems, if present, are set to adequate audio levels and proper sources.
  6. Test wireless microphones. Check that the microphones are operating on a clear channel, check for good signal strength and audio quality, and fresh batteries are installed prior to an event.
  7. Test input levels for each channel.
  8. Make backup of mixer to USB drive or computer.

Computer Checks (If Present):

  1. Listen to the system for any hard drives or fans making excessive noise.
  2. Check the Event Viewer for any application, security, and system errors.
  3. Use Windows Update to update all windows components.
  4. Update anti-virus software and definitions, AVG antivirus is recommended.
  5. Verify that the monitor, keyboard, and mouse are working properly.
  6. Verify that the system network is functioning properly (you are able to see and communicate with devices on the audio network).
  7. Depending on years of operation and environment, the inside of the computer may need to be cleaned using compressed air.
  8. Verify all amplifiers are online using the User Interface Panel.
  9. Verify there are no amplifier voltage or temperature errors displayed on the User Interface Panel.
  10. Verify there are no system indicators showing errors. (Network, missing devices, voltage errors, temperature errors).
  11. Play content to the system and verify all speaker impedances are within range using the User Interface Panel.
  12. Save backup file of any audio system files to USB drive.