Troubleshooting Display Communication: Ethernet Bridge Radio AW900xTR System Communication.

Potential Symptoms

  • Unable to update display through Ethernet Bridge Radios (EBR's)
  • Communication issues with display using Ethernet Bridge Radio communication.


Product Family: Message Displays

Product: Galaxy, Galaxy Pro, GS6, GC6, GP4, GPR, GP3

Component: Ethernet Bridge Radios (EBR)

Control: Ethernet Bridge Radio Communications


NOTE: Check for any network equipment or setting changes. (May need to involve IT/Networking personnel)

This troubleshooting article requires the EBRD utility and a functional knowledge of its operation. Please consult the articles below for instruction as needed.


​ Radio LED Diagnostics           
​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​Radio Label.png LED LABEL                                  DESCRIPTION                             
PowerON = Power
Off = No Power
RF ReceiveFlashes steady - Client Radio
​RF Transmit​Flashes Steady - Server Radio
Ethernet LinkON = Link
Off= No Link
Channels 1, 2, 4, 8  16, 32Sum values to determine current channel - This channel is our location in the spectrum.
Link QualityProvides a basic view of our Link Quality from server to client radios.


Troubleshooting Steps:

  • If there is no communication to server radio, begin at Step 1.
  • If there is no communication between the client and server radio, begin at Step 6.
  • If there is no communication between client radio and display, begin at Step 10.
  • If communication is intermittent, begin at Step 12.

NOTE: Check for any network equipment or setting changes. (May need to involve IT/Networking personnel)



1. Verify the Green LED on the DC Injector is lit (see illustration above):

2. Check POE cable connections following: How to hook up the DC Injector for Ethernet Bridge Radios, DD2099766. 

3. Power cycle the POE Injector.

               Server Radio Pics.jpg

4. Locate the server radio. Refer to above image. Is the Power LED on?

5. Verify the ETH Link LED is lit.  This will light up when the radio is able to detect another device such as the network or a computer connected to it.

6. Locate the client radio and verify it has power LED lit.

7. Check for any diagnostic LEDs lit on the client radio at the display.

8. Verify antennas have proper orientation.

9. Power cycle the display/client radio following: Galaxy display using EBR Radio's, No communication to display, Control software reports Low Signal Strength or Communication Error, Client radio or controller is locked up, DD2527710. For further reference, consult How do I reboot my Galaxy or Galaxy Pro Display? DD3511944.

  • If still unable to connect to sign proceed to next section for further troubleshooting or Contact Daktronics.

10. Verify the Ethernet/power cable connection on the back of the display. Connect cables if they are not connected.

11. Power cycle the display following How do I reboot my Galaxy or Galaxy Pro Display?, DD3511944 .

12. If still unable to communication, it's possible communication is intermittent or there is signal noise in the area.  It's also possible there is another device on the network with the same IP. 

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