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Mobile and Modular concertMobile and Modular concert
Lines & Columns: 260 x 336 Approx. Dimensions: 13' 7" x 17' 7"(4140 mm x 5359 mm)Lines & Columns: 260 x 336 Approx. Dimensions: 13' 7" x 17' 7"(4140 mm x 5359 mm)
MediaMesh63 ft tall x 16.6 ftMediaMesh63 ft tall x 16.6 ft
Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport TSA CheckpointMinneapolis St. Paul International Airport TSA Checkpoint
Gold J Series)Gold J Series)

LED Video Displays

As a pioneer in the video display industry, Daktronics has firmly established itself as the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of large-screen LED video displays. Independent research firm iSuppli rated Daktronics as the global market share leader in the large-scale display video industry.

A commitment to continuous product evolution, combined with imaging and manufacturing technology developed over decades of continuing research, guarantees our customers have available the most advanced video screens in the marketplace.


Large-Screen LED Video

Choosing a Daktronics large screen display means you're choosing experience, reliability and a display customized for you.

LED Ribbon Displays

These 360 degree or curved linear displays are used to show advertisements, statistics and promotions in end zones, sidelines, fascias, building exteriors.


Architectural and Transparent LED Displays

LED freeform display elements and MediaMesh® allow you to keep the pleasing aesthetics of your facility intact while showing full motion video.


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