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<h3 dir="ltr" style="text-align:left;margin-right:0px;">Completing the Final Diagnostic Check in IDM​ - NEW!</h3><p dir="ltr" style="text-align:left;margin-right:0px;">As a reminder, when working on displays with IDM, make sure to complete final diagnostic check before leaving site. If you do not have access to IDM for the display you are working on, call 866-325-8425 for a diagnostic check. Performing this check is very important and can help prevent a return trip to site. This information is also listed in the Service Partner Expectations and Procedures in Appendix D: Prevention.</p>
<h3 style="text-align:left;">​GoServicePro Downtime for Maintenance - NEW!</h3><p style="text-align:left;"><strong>When:</strong> Tonight, Wednesday, 5 April, 9:00 PM - 10:00 PM CDT.</p><p style="text-align:left;"><strong>What:</strong> GoServicePro System Updates/Maintenance</p><p style="text-align:left;"><strong>What is affected:</strong> GoServicePro Service Advisor (Desktop) and GoServicePro Mobile will be unavailable during the maintenance window.</p><p style="text-align:left;"><strong>Action items: </strong>To ensure you have the most up-to-date functionality and do no experience issues, please clear your browser cache <span style="text-decoration:underline;">in all browsers</span> (IE, Chrome, Firefox, etc.) prior to using GoServicePro after the maintenance period is complete. For details on clearing your browser cache, see <a href="/FieldServicePortalDocuments/Clear%20Internet%20Explorer%20and%20Silverlight%20Cache.pdf">Clear Browser and Silverlight Cache</a>.</p>
<h3 style="text-align:left;">​GoServicePro System Requirements - NEW!</h3><p style="text-align:left;">Service Partners using GoServicePro on computers running Windows 10 must verify they are using GoServicePro in Internet Explorer instead of the default browser, Microsoft Edge. Use of GoServicePro in other browsers (such as Edge, Chrome, or Firefox) will result in repeated prompts to install Silverlight, which is only supported in Internet Explorer.</p><p style="text-align:left;">Internet Explorer is included in Windows 10, but shortcuts to the application are hidden. To find it, search "Internet Explorer" in the taskbar. As a best practice, it is recommended to pin the Internet Explorer icon to the taskbar to ensure ease of access for future use.</p><p style="text-align:left;">For more details on locating Internet Explorer and pinning the icon to your taskbar, see <a href="/FieldServicePortalDocuments/Service%20Partner%20System%20Requirements.pdf">Service Partner System Requirements</a>.</p>


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Verisae Mobile Device SetupGP0|#6d16bbc5-7e87-456c-b203-644ecfcbeb04;L0|#06d16bbc5-7e87-456c-b203-644ecfcbeb04|Best Practice;GTSet|#7fbdec1d-2d4a-489f-8e4c-d906b3f35670
ServiceChannel Quick Guide for Daktronics Technicians and Service PartnersGP0|#210e154c-e30e-47f6-8ea7-43bd15cd54b5;L0|#0210e154c-e30e-47f6-8ea7-43bd15cd54b5|Training Document;GTSet|#7fbdec1d-2d4a-489f-8e4c-d906b3f35670
Daktronics Galaxy System CheckGP0|#a06fccab-e579-4081-a7f7-bbdd5451e0b1;L0|#0a06fccab-e579-4081-a7f7-bbdd5451e0b1|Work Instructions;GTSet|#7fbdec1d-2d4a-489f-8e4c-d906b3f35670
Daktronics Digital Billboard Maintenance CheckGP0|#a06fccab-e579-4081-a7f7-bbdd5451e0b1;L0|#0a06fccab-e579-4081-a7f7-bbdd5451e0b1|Work Instructions;GTSet|#7fbdec1d-2d4a-489f-8e4c-d906b3f35670
Daktronics Service Partner Material FlowGP0|#6d16bbc5-7e87-456c-b203-644ecfcbeb04;L0|#06d16bbc5-7e87-456c-b203-644ecfcbeb04|Best Practice;GTSet|#7fbdec1d-2d4a-489f-8e4c-d906b3f35670
Service Partner Inventory AuditGP0|#a06fccab-e579-4081-a7f7-bbdd5451e0b1;L0|#0a06fccab-e579-4081-a7f7-bbdd5451e0b1|Work Instructions;GTSet|#7fbdec1d-2d4a-489f-8e4c-d906b3f35670
Daktronics Construction Site Safety HandbookGP0|#6d16bbc5-7e87-456c-b203-644ecfcbeb04;L0|#06d16bbc5-7e87-456c-b203-644ecfcbeb04|Best Practice;GTSet|#7fbdec1d-2d4a-489f-8e4c-d906b3f35670
Save Field Service Portal Link to FavoritesGP0|#6d16bbc5-7e87-456c-b203-644ecfcbeb04;L0|#06d16bbc5-7e87-456c-b203-644ecfcbeb04|Best Practice;GTSet|#7fbdec1d-2d4a-489f-8e4c-d906b3f35670
Join a Skype MeetingGP0|#6d16bbc5-7e87-456c-b203-644ecfcbeb04;L0|#06d16bbc5-7e87-456c-b203-644ecfcbeb04|Best Practice;GTSet|#7fbdec1d-2d4a-489f-8e4c-d906b3f35670
Add Field Service Portal to Bookmarks - AndroidGP0|#6d16bbc5-7e87-456c-b203-644ecfcbeb04;L0|#06d16bbc5-7e87-456c-b203-644ecfcbeb04|Best Practice;GTSet|#7fbdec1d-2d4a-489f-8e4c-d906b3f35670

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Finish Lynx and Hytek Software Setup for a Daktronics Message Center Display Lynx and Hytek Software Setup for a Daktronics Message Center Display​This how to video gives visual instruction on how to setup Hytek and Finish Lynx software with a Daktronics Message Center Display. GP0|#c4d0bef6-c9b1-4744-a7da-347e2a24853c;L0|#0c4d0bef6-c9b1-4744-a7da-347e2a24853c|How To;GTSet|#b00afce0-dd3c-4a67-bb20-dab50a3dc30b;GP0|#dbc50986-7866-48a4-8442-4645d5bd2ced;L0|#0dbc50986-7866-48a4-8442-4645d5bd2ced|Product Overview
Control System Connections for a Daktronics Message Center Display with Hytek and Finish Lynx System Connections for a Daktronics Message Center Display with Hytek and Finish Lynx​This how to video gives visual instruction on how to connect the control room equipment for Track Systems which use a Daktronics Message Center Display. Connections of a Daktronics Message Center Display to Hytek and Finish Lynx is shown in this video. GP0|#c4d0bef6-c9b1-4744-a7da-347e2a24853c;L0|#0c4d0bef6-c9b1-4744-a7da-347e2a24853c|How To;GTSet|#b00afce0-dd3c-4a67-bb20-dab50a3dc30b;GP0|#dbc50986-7866-48a4-8442-4645d5bd2ced;L0|#0dbc50986-7866-48a4-8442-4645d5bd2ced|Product Overview
How Daktronics GS6 Communicates with Daktronics Hosted Venus Control Suite Daktronics GS6 Communicates with Daktronics Hosted Venus Control Suite​In this video, we will discuss how the new Daktronics GS6 display communicates with the Venus Control Suite software. The Daktronics GS6 display is the first commercial product that uses our Daktronics hosted Venus Control Suite. Venus Control Suite is different from our previous software, Venus 1500, in that it is a cloud based software, and requires internet access. GP0|#c4d0bef6-c9b1-4744-a7da-347e2a24853c;L0|#0c4d0bef6-c9b1-4744-a7da-347e2a24853c|How To;GTSet|#b00afce0-dd3c-4a67-bb20-dab50a3dc30b;GP0|#dbc50986-7866-48a4-8442-4645d5bd2ced;L0|#0dbc50986-7866-48a4-8442-4645d5bd2ced|Product Overview