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<h3 style="text-align:left;">​ARS Shipping Labels with Ship To of Brookings, SD - NEW!</h3><p style="text-align:left;">All packages for service are now being received in our Sioux Falls, SD facility. If you have any older ARS labels with a Ship To: Brookings, SD, <span style="text-decoration:underline;">please throw them away</span>. New labels have a Ship To: Sioux Falls, SD.</p><p style="text-align:left;">If you need to replenish your labels, send an email to <a href=""></a>.</p><p style="text-align:left;">If you have any questions, please call the Field Service Support Line at 605-697-4907 or 866-325-8425 and select Option 2 for Dispatch.</p>
<h3 dir="ltr" style="text-align:left;margin-right:0px;">​GoServicePro Update on New Functionality </h3><p dir="ltr" style="text-align:left;margin-right:0px;">An update in the January 18 release of GoServicePro will impact technicians who attempt to incorrectly remove a high level part. The system will now display an error message when this takes place. If you receive this notification, please review the part number on the part being sent in and enter it exactly how it appears into the Part No. box.</p><p style="text-align:left;"><a href="/FieldServicePortalDocuments/GoServicePro%20Update%20Details%20-%2018%20January%202017.pdf">Click this link</a> for more details on the update and an example of the new error message.</p><p style="text-align:left;"><a href="/en-us/video-gallery/GoServicePro-Remove-a-Part-Update-Serial-Number">Click this video link</a> to review the complete part removal process.</p>
<h3 style="text-align:left;">Verisae Service System for Select Walgreens Sites - NEW! </h3><p style="text-align:left;">Walgreens is currently phasing in the use of Verisae, a service work order management tool.  As this is implemented by region, the assigned technician will be required to close out service in both GoServicePro and Verisae for certain sites. The Work Order in GoServicePro will have specific instructions in the notes for using Verisae when needed.  </p><p style="text-align:left;">Verisae is a web page that is ideally accessed from a smart phone, but it can also be accessed from a laptop.</p><p style="text-align:left;">At this time, if the technician needs to use Verisae for a Walgreens site, it will be indicated in the notes in the GoServicePro Work Order. The technician will also be contacted by Daktronics ASM who covers Walgreens.</p><p style="text-align:left;">For information on setting up Verisae on your mobile device, <a href="/FieldServicePortalDocuments/Verisae%20Mobile%20Device%20Setup.pdf">click here</a>.</p><p style="text-align:left;">For more information on using Verisae for Walgreens sites, log in to and view the presentation located in the Verisae Technician Training folder.</p><p>​</p>


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Verisae Mobile Device SetupGP0|#6d16bbc5-7e87-456c-b203-644ecfcbeb04;L0|#06d16bbc5-7e87-456c-b203-644ecfcbeb04|Best Practice;GTSet|#7fbdec1d-2d4a-489f-8e4c-d906b3f35670
ServiceChannel Quick Guide for Daktronics Technicians and Service PartnersGP0|#210e154c-e30e-47f6-8ea7-43bd15cd54b5;L0|#0210e154c-e30e-47f6-8ea7-43bd15cd54b5|Training Document;GTSet|#7fbdec1d-2d4a-489f-8e4c-d906b3f35670
Daktronics Galaxy System CheckGP0|#a06fccab-e579-4081-a7f7-bbdd5451e0b1;L0|#0a06fccab-e579-4081-a7f7-bbdd5451e0b1|Work Instructions;GTSet|#7fbdec1d-2d4a-489f-8e4c-d906b3f35670
Daktronics Digital Billboard Maintenance CheckGP0|#a06fccab-e579-4081-a7f7-bbdd5451e0b1;L0|#0a06fccab-e579-4081-a7f7-bbdd5451e0b1|Work Instructions;GTSet|#7fbdec1d-2d4a-489f-8e4c-d906b3f35670
Daktronics Service Partner Material FlowGP0|#6d16bbc5-7e87-456c-b203-644ecfcbeb04;L0|#06d16bbc5-7e87-456c-b203-644ecfcbeb04|Best Practice;GTSet|#7fbdec1d-2d4a-489f-8e4c-d906b3f35670
Service Partner Inventory AuditGP0|#a06fccab-e579-4081-a7f7-bbdd5451e0b1;L0|#0a06fccab-e579-4081-a7f7-bbdd5451e0b1|Work Instructions;GTSet|#7fbdec1d-2d4a-489f-8e4c-d906b3f35670
Daktronics Construction Site Safety HandbookGP0|#6d16bbc5-7e87-456c-b203-644ecfcbeb04;L0|#06d16bbc5-7e87-456c-b203-644ecfcbeb04|Best Practice;GTSet|#7fbdec1d-2d4a-489f-8e4c-d906b3f35670
Save Field Service Portal Link to FavoritesGP0|#6d16bbc5-7e87-456c-b203-644ecfcbeb04;L0|#06d16bbc5-7e87-456c-b203-644ecfcbeb04|Best Practice;GTSet|#7fbdec1d-2d4a-489f-8e4c-d906b3f35670
Join a Skype MeetingGP0|#6d16bbc5-7e87-456c-b203-644ecfcbeb04;L0|#06d16bbc5-7e87-456c-b203-644ecfcbeb04|Best Practice;GTSet|#7fbdec1d-2d4a-489f-8e4c-d906b3f35670
Add Field Service Portal to Bookmarks - AndroidGP0|#6d16bbc5-7e87-456c-b203-644ecfcbeb04;L0|#06d16bbc5-7e87-456c-b203-644ecfcbeb04|Best Practice;GTSet|#7fbdec1d-2d4a-489f-8e4c-d906b3f35670

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Finish Lynx and Hytek Software Setup for a Daktronics Message Center Display Lynx and Hytek Software Setup for a Daktronics Message Center DisplayGP0|#c4d0bef6-c9b1-4744-a7da-347e2a24853c;L0|#0c4d0bef6-c9b1-4744-a7da-347e2a24853c|How To;GTSet|#b00afce0-dd3c-4a67-bb20-dab50a3dc30b;GP0|#dbc50986-7866-48a4-8442-4645d5bd2ced;L0|#0dbc50986-7866-48a4-8442-4645d5bd2ced|Product Overview
Control System Connections for a Daktronics Message Center Display with Hytek and Finish Lynx System Connections for a Daktronics Message Center Display with Hytek and Finish LynxGP0|#c4d0bef6-c9b1-4744-a7da-347e2a24853c;L0|#0c4d0bef6-c9b1-4744-a7da-347e2a24853c|How To;GTSet|#b00afce0-dd3c-4a67-bb20-dab50a3dc30b;GP0|#dbc50986-7866-48a4-8442-4645d5bd2ced;L0|#0dbc50986-7866-48a4-8442-4645d5bd2ced|Product Overview
How Daktronics GS6 Communicates with Daktronics Hosted Venus Control Suite Daktronics GS6 Communicates with Daktronics Hosted Venus Control SuiteGP0|#c4d0bef6-c9b1-4744-a7da-347e2a24853c;L0|#0c4d0bef6-c9b1-4744-a7da-347e2a24853c|How To;GTSet|#b00afce0-dd3c-4a67-bb20-dab50a3dc30b;GP0|#dbc50986-7866-48a4-8442-4645d5bd2ced;L0|#0dbc50986-7866-48a4-8442-4645d5bd2ced|Product Overview