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Scoreboards and Timing Systems

Scoreboards & Timing Systems

Manuals for scoreboards used in outdoor and indoor sports
in a variety of digit sizes, colors, and configurations.

Video Displays

Video Displays (including GalaxyPro)

Outdoor full-color video displays present video, text,
graphics and animations in great detail.

Message Displays

Message Displays (including Galaxy)

Indoor or outdoor message displays advertise with text
messages, graphic images, or animations. Produced in full
color, monochrome red or amber.

Digital Billboards

Digital Billbaords

Standard sized digital billboards are used to show dynamic
advertisements and information.

Digit and Price Displays

Digit & Price Displays

Outdoor digits show gas prices, hotel rates,
lottery jackpots, events counters, and multipurpose displays.

Audio Systems

Audio Systems

Sound systems work together with scoreboards and video displays to broadcast scores, advertisements, and information.

Automated Rigging and Hoists

Automated Rigging & Hoists

Multi-purpose facilities and arenas use
automated rigging and hoists to set up and
run complex lighting, sound, audio-visuals and scenic effects.

Software & Controllers

Controllers connect to LED display products to control the output of the product. Controllers manage displays using different types of software, which are used to create, schedule, and run content output on the display.


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