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If you cannot find a solution in the knowledge base, or are unsure how to use this information, please contact Daktronics tech support at 1-800-325-8766

Common Questions

When trying to install Venus 1500 v4, receive error "1152:Error extracting to the temporary location"

Received error 17113 when trying to start the SQL Server Nucleus

What All Sport Code should I use for my scoreboard?

How do I change a static/DHCP IP address on a Galaxy display

How do I reinstall the Venus 1500 Version 4 software after a computer crash, hard drive reimage, or new computer purchase?

How do I manually start, restart or stop the SQL Server (NUCLEUS), Daktronics Fusion and Daktronics Nucleus Server?

How do I transfer my Venus 1500 v4.17 or lower Database?

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Non-urgent Service Requests

The fastest way to get in touch with Daktronics Customer Services is to call us, but if you have a non-urgent need, you can use this form to request assistance from Daktronics Customer Service. We make every effort to respond to these requests within one business day (Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm Central Time). In most cases, the response time is less than four hours.

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Urgent Service Requests

The fastest way to contact customer support is to call us. To help expedite your call:

  • Have your case number available if one has been assigned to you.
  • If you require technical assistance to trouble-shoot your system, please call from where the equipment is located and have everything connected and powered up.

United States & Canada 1-800-325-8766

Outside US & Canada +1-605-697-4000



Software Training Assistance

If your equipment is working properly and you have a question on how to use the features of Venus 1500 software, one of our software trainers would be happy to give you a callback to assist you. The typical response time is less than four hours during Daktronics corporate hours Monday-Friday, 8am – 5pm Central Time.

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