Series 1000 CabinetSeries 1000 Cabinet
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Audio Systems​

Amplify Your Events

Whether your stadium seats 1,000 or 100,000 screaming fans, Daktronics Audio offers customers high-quality sound systems which seamlessly integrate with dynamic scoring and video displays in indoor and outdoor sport venues.

Experience the refined engineering and unique installation convenience of Daktronics Audio systems to ensure the best performance year after year. Click the links below to discover the perfect sound system to meet the needs of your facility.


Sportsound 150 Indoor

This standard indoor sound system is specially designed for small indoor gymnasiums. The single-point system provides even coverage and levels capable of overcoming crowd noise.

Learn About Sportsound 150


Sportsound 500HD Outdoor

This complete sound system is designed to provide high-impact sound reinforcement for a variety of smaller outdoor facilities, including football, lacrosse, soccer, softball, and track.

Learn About Sportsound 500HD

Sportsound 1500HD Outdoor

This audio system provides a complete single-point sound system, with a broad coverage pattern and a high decibel rating for medium sized outdoor venues.

Learn About Sportsound 1500HD


Sportsound 2000HD Outdoor

This audio system uses a complete, single-point sound reinforcement system designed for demanding outdoor environments such as stadiums and municipal sports venues.

Learn About Sportsound 2000HD 

Custom Audio Solutions

Custom Audio Solutions

Our audio experts will work closely with your team from concept to design to installation, ultimately creating a custom audio system to fit the unique size and seating layout of indoor or outdoor facilities.

Learn About Custom Audio Systems


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