Vanguard® v4 Control Software

Absolute Control

Vanguard Version 4 Central Control Software continues Daktronics' tradition of releasing robust Dynamic Message Sign (DMS) software since 1988.

• Complete message creation and playback tools
• Full subsystem and pixel-level diagnostics
• Intuitive, organized interface
• Full NTCIP v1 and v2 support universally controls compliant DMS
• Already trusted and used as a statewide DMS management tool

Vanguard v4 Professional

Agencies use Vanguard v4 Professional at traffic management centers to control comprehensive DMS networks.



Vanguard v4 Standard

Vanguard v4 Standard includes a field-ready feature set for agencies with pre-existing traffic management software.



Comprehensive NTCIP Messaging & Diagnostics

Vanguard® v4 Control Software brings ease of use to the next level with a complete NTCIP feature set and powerful interface.


Daktronics has had representation in the NTCIP Working Group since the standard’s inception in 1998. Through installing and communicating with thousands of NTCIP-compliant DMS, Daktronics has gained the necessary experience to make NTCIP integration simple. Vanguard v4 will universally interface with all NTCIP-compliant DMS. And, with improvements in NTCIP 1203 v2, controlling and diagnosing DMS has never been easier.


Developed with usability in mind, an intuitive graphical interface guides new users with little training, yet provides in-depth functionality for experts. After a display’s parameters are created, clicking each DMS opens powerful message creation, diagnostic and scheduling tools. More complex features can be made simple—facilitated by step-by-step wizards.


Security is a crucial factor in DMS software. User profiles with passwords, real-time display status, encrypted communications between server and clients and more ensures your display network is being run properly at all times. Daktronics readily provides maintenance updates, which allows implementation of precautionary measures and maximizes functionality.

Suite Comparison

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Feature Standard Professional
Basic Message CreationXX
Controls any NTCIP-Compliant DMSXX
Supports any Matrix SizeXX
Generate Flashing MessagesXX
Ethernet and Serial SupportXX
Uses Username/password SecurityXX
Searchable Help DatabaseXX
Daktronics Transportation Help Desk Phone SupportXX
Enhanced Message Creation through Content StudioX
Scenario SchedulingX
Full-color Message CreationX
Graphics DesignX
Spell CheckX
Prohibited Word ListX
Client-Server ArchitectureX
Event LoggingX
Email AlertsX




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