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Invest in your business with LED digital displays.

Drive your business with LED signage from Daktronics. Whether you need to display prices, advertising, or branding, Daktronics energy-efficient LED sign solutions target customers and drive them to purchase. Our comprehensive services, backed by an experienced team of support personnel, work hard to keep your business on top.

Calculate Your ROI.

Broadcast your message. LED digital displays provide a cost-effective addition to your current marketing mix or a jump-start into advertising. See your potential increased ROI.

Calculate Your ROI 

LED Displays: On the Advertising Edge

This informative retailer's "must have" report contains industry facts that explain the results you expect from a digital display. Learn how digital displays benefit small businesses, the best use of marketing dollars, how LED signs compare to other advertising media, and how they increase sales and customer loyalty.

Inspiration and information for your location.

Auto DealersAuto Dealers

Showcase high-quality images. Promote pricing and leasing options.


Restaurants and QSRs 

Restaurants & QSRs

Drive business and attract attention. Target key demographics at specific times.


Attract drive-by traffic and patrons. Run video of the latest winners.




Promote your products. Target impulse customers.


Change pricing easily and frequently. Promote in-store specials.


Shopping Centers 

Shopping Centers

Create visual dynamics. Attract audiences and advertisers.



Make it even more spectacular.

From concept to installation, we create some of the world's most customized and innovative LED video solutions and services. No matter the size, shape or location, our LED spectaculars build excitement and engage audiences.



Award-Winning Content.

Daktronics strives to provide content as innovative as our displays. Our efforts have shown through the content Communicator Awards we have received in the past five years. Watch videos of our winning content.


Want to learn more? We're here to help.

Let our experts answer questions about the benefits of products customized for your business.