Why Daktronics for Out of Home Advertising

Peace of mind for years to come. That is our promise, and this is the Daktronics experience.


Sales TeamSales Team

Enjoy a knowledgeable and reliable sales staff. This team will do all the leg work while setting up your display.


Daktronics is the only sign company with a dedicated sign legislation team. This task force works diligently amending city zoning laws to install the display of your dreams.


We partner with financing companies to offer you an unprecedented opportunity: use and own a premium LED digital display by making affordable monthly payments.



http://www.daktronics.com/sites/content/Lists/CustomerQuotes/DispForm.aspx?ID=145When making such a big investment with so little industry knowledge, the Daktronics customer support gave me that 'warm fuzzy feeling'. The people who met with me were very knowledgeable and involved with the process.James Arnett Jr.Orbit Outdoor Network



Project ManagementProject Management

Our project managers have more than 800 years of combined experience. This lets you rest easy knowing your dedicated project managers have everything under control.

Location PermitLocation Permit

Not only do we help in getting your location prepared for installation day, but we also work with you hand-in-hand to make the process of obtaining your permit a breeze.

Installation AssistanceInstallation Assistance

On installation day, we make sure everything is organized prepped while you get to enjoy the sight of your display going up. No other LED display manufacturer offers on-site assistance during installation.



http://www.daktronics.com/sites/content/Lists/CustomerQuotes/DispForm.aspx?ID=31It was critical for us to find not only a manufacturer, but a sincere, responsive partner that would guide and inform us through our selection process.Michael NixonMeadors


Service TeamService Team

Our professional service team isn’t satisfied until you are. No matter what happens to your display, we will always make it right. We have a simple philosophy at Daktronics, take care of your customer at all costs.

Ad Sales StrategyAd Sales Strategy

We’ve developed one of the most successful ad sales strategies in the industry. For years we have helped billboard owners sell ad space with ease, we see results with our tried and true methods.

Creative ConsultingCreative Consulting

If you see creating content for your display as an obstacle, leave it to us. Our team of creative minds will take you through the process of creating your own content, making your display look the way you envisioned it, without the costs of out sourcing.



http://www.daktronics.com/sites/content/Lists/CustomerQuotes/DispForm.aspx?ID=148Daktronics boards are known for their quality and for built-in diagnostics. We knew we could reduce our outages and service time as well as get a better value. Daktronics was the best way for us to go.Chad HarrisLas Vegas Billboards

Setting the Standard

Pioneering the Out of Home Industry

In 1999, Daktronics took a chance with digital billboards, holding the belief it would be the next big thing for out of home advertising. Almost twenty years later, we are still leading the industry for out of home advertising, bringing you the most advanced, innovative product available on the market.

Industry Commitment

Daktronics is a proud member of the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA), a membership showing our commitment to keep up with the growing industry. We believe it is our responsibility to stay informed with industry changes. Through these memberships, we have a foothold in the latest developments.

Openly Traded and Financially Secure

As a company, we believe that transparency is critical to foster trust from both employees and customers. Being the only publicly traded manufacturer in the industry, we think our success speaks for itself.

Forbes Trusted

For the past three years, Daktronics has been selected by Forbes as one of “America’s Most Trustworthy Companies.”