​​​Airports In Motion

Immerse travelers in unforgettable experiences.

Daktronics displays engage, entertain and inform passengers as they move through the Tom Bradley International Terminal (TBIT) at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

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LED Technology for Airports

One's Journey Isn't All About The Destination.

LED technology can ease travelers’ minds by making their visit seamless. Reliable and rugged digital LED displays guide travelers as they arrive, depart and everything in between. Immerse travelers in an unforgettable experience with eye-catching digital display designs and content, creating a relaxed environment. Entice their interests with third-party advertisements, all while putting more money back into your pockets.

1. Marquee

2. Roadway

3. Parking

4. Cell Phone Waiting

5. Curbside

6. Ticketing and Check-In

7. Flight Information

8. Entertainment

9. Wayfinding

10. Advertising

11. Ramp Information

12. Baggage Claims

Airport Diagram 

Create a Sense of Place

What makes an architectural space memorable? It's the sense of place.

But that sense of place is only achieved when the characteristics that make it special and unique are combined with meaningful human experiences. Daktronics helps to inspire this unforgettable feeling at destinations around the world. Top LED technology creates centerpieces fit to be the beating heart of any airport.

Use of LED Displays to Create a Sense of Place


Make a first impression by welcoming travelers and reassuring them of airport entrance locations.
Recommended product: Message Displays


Improve travelers’ experiences with eye-catching designs, creating a relaxed environment for them as they wait.
Recommended Product: Indoor Video Displays


Maximize revenue by promoting on-site retailers, concessions and local events as travelers walk through the airport.
Recommended products: Advertising Displays

Inform with FIDS

A good flight information display system (FIDS) needs to be long-lasting, highly-legible and reliable.

It must be able to provide everything from consolidated listings of flights in large public and baggage claim areas, to flight information, destination weather forecasts, advertising and much more. Intuitive control software and crystal clear clarity provided by Daktronics mean its displays easily integrate with existing airport networks to display whatever is required.

Wide viewing angles and smaller pixel spacing equip displays with pristine legibility for travellers hurrying through crowded areas. And they last: the lifespan of Daktronics displays for FIDS is three times that of alternative solutions. Through robust product testing, your display will be ready to serve your airport 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

How can FIDS be used in an airport?

Cell Phone Waiting

Provide waiting drivers up-to-the-minute flight information and reduce parked traffic in curbside drop-off areas.
Recommended product: Message Displays

Flight Information

Keep travelers in retail areas aware of flight arrivals, departures and cancellations to minimize their time at their gate.
Recommended products: Indoor Video Displays

Ramp Information

Share gate, flight and weather information so airside operations can stay up-to-date.
Recommended product: Message Displays

Advertise Premium Brands

Airports today are going digital, generating an increasing share of their non-flight revenues through digital advertising.

Airports are prime sites for digital advertising. Audiences are affluent, influential and technology early-adopters. With pre-flight time on their hands, they are ready to be inspired to go shopping.

Brands seen within an airport environment are synonymous with exclusive, elite products. And to reflect that premium status, the screens on which they are shown must portray them with a resolution of equal superiority. It's for this reason that Daktronics has been selected around the world to take center stage at international airports.

Advertising with LED Displays at Airports


Maximize revenue by promoting on-site retailers, concessions and local events as travelers walk through the airport.
Recommended product: Advertising Displays

Baggage Claims

Update baggage carousel locations for arriving flights and promote local attractions.
Recommended products: Message Displays

Help Travelers in Wayfinding

From the entrance to the departure gates of any airport, travellers expect to see clear information that is simple to read and understand.

It's a priority that they must find their way easily around the airport. LED screens by Daktronics, in small or large format, provide modern passenger terminals with an efficient way of managing the movement of people. It's the technology to make every journey less stressful and enhance the travelling experience.

How can LED Products be used in wayfinding?


Minimize the time it takes travelers to circulate roadways and reduce curbside location confusion.
Recommended product: Message Displays


Increase traffic safety and parking revenue by guiding travelers to open parking space.
Recommended products: Space Availability Displays


Reduce traffic and maximize curbside space by changing airline drop-offs based on flight schedules.
Recommended product: Message Displays

Ticketing and Check-In

Create common use counters and improve traveler check in by showcasing airline logos behind the counter.
Recommended product: Message Displays


Ease travel anxiety by guiding travelers to their gate, baggage claims and other airport locations.
Recommended product: Message Displays


Make a Bold Impression

New Possibilities with NPP LED Video

Narrow Pixel Pitch (NPP) LED displays provide new opportunities for content previously restricted to LCD screens. With crisp detail and vibrant colors, these displays can be used as interior design elements to create luxurious space to feature digital art and advertising.

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Daktronics displays offer better flexibility, visibility and efficiency over static signs. Because we are a unique airport with a different operating model in terms of common use, we absolutely need that flexibility. David LoganDirector of Operations and MaintenanceOrlando Sanford International Airport
I think my favorite feature of the display is how reliable and rugged it is. Plus, it certainly is eye-catching.Richard GarciaChief of Aviation SignageMiami International Airport



St. John's Int'l AirportSt. John's Int'l AirportWP-20532St. John'sGP0|#4ae1ddae-969e-477d-8a4a-05c2eb29f530;L0|#04ae1ddae-969e-477d-8a4a-05c2eb29f530|Newfoundland and Labrador:NL;GTSet|#40ec3996-05a4-4b29-be11-accbb09263e3;GPP|#6cda74aa-56fb-415b-95b1-11fb22ef2101GP0|#ea8a0cd8-a50b-491b-8389-30f5626a17b9;L0|#0ea8a0cd8-a50b-491b-8389-30f5626a17b9|Canada:CAN;GTSet|#3e339a2e-a8ca-45f0-a9b0-4c41af93626d192492-001
MSP Int'l AirportMSP Int'l AirportWP-20534St. PaulGP0|#497a7b1b-a876-482f-ab01-45d030a85425;L0|#0497a7b1b-a876-482f-ab01-45d030a85425|Minnesota:MN;GTSet|#40ec3996-05a4-4b29-be11-accbb09263e3;GPP|#250d4c9d-ec42-43d6-b50b-21dddfa79496GP0|#bcb51922-bc5d-4f17-b95b-de5455d1da85;L0|#0bcb51922-bc5d-4f17-b95b-de5455d1da85|United States:USA;GTSet|#3e339a2e-a8ca-45f0-a9b0-4c41af93626d
Minneapolis/ St Paul AirMinneapolis/ St Paul AirWP-20491St PaulGP0|#497a7b1b-a876-482f-ab01-45d030a85425;L0|#0497a7b1b-a876-482f-ab01-45d030a85425|Minnesota:MN;GTSet|#40ec3996-05a4-4b29-be11-accbb09263e3;GPP|#250d4c9d-ec42-43d6-b50b-21dddfa79496GP0|#bcb51922-bc5d-4f17-b95b-de5455d1da85;L0|#0bcb51922-bc5d-4f17-b95b-de5455d1da85|United States:USA;GTSet|#3e339a2e-a8ca-45f0-a9b0-4c41af93626dMIN005-003
Minneapolis/ St Paul AirMinneapolis/ St Paul AirWP-20493St PaulGP0|#497a7b1b-a876-482f-ab01-45d030a85425;L0|#0497a7b1b-a876-482f-ab01-45d030a85425|Minnesota:MN;GTSet|#40ec3996-05a4-4b29-be11-accbb09263e3;GPP|#250d4c9d-ec42-43d6-b50b-21dddfa79496GP0|#bcb51922-bc5d-4f17-b95b-de5455d1da85;L0|#0bcb51922-bc5d-4f17-b95b-de5455d1da85|United States:USA;GTSet|#3e339a2e-a8ca-45f0-a9b0-4c41af93626dMIN005-003
Calgary Air. AuthorityCalgary Air. AuthorityWP-20486CalgaryGP0|#1489032e-17b5-4a41-80c2-8979ebb7b992;L0|#01489032e-17b5-4a41-80c2-8979ebb7b992|Alberta:AB;GTSet|#40ec3996-05a4-4b29-be11-accbb09263e3;GPP|#6cda74aa-56fb-415b-95b1-11fb22ef2101GP0|#ea8a0cd8-a50b-491b-8389-30f5626a17b9;L0|#0ea8a0cd8-a50b-491b-8389-30f5626a17b9|Canada:CAN;GTSet|#3e339a2e-a8ca-45f0-a9b0-4c41af93626d138100-001
Gatwick AirportGatwick AirportWP-19802LondonGP0|#2e5e480a-1dc7-435a-9d35-ff9b453a8852;L0|#02e5e480a-1dc7-435a-9d35-ff9b453a8852|United Kingdom:UK;GTSet|#3e339a2e-a8ca-45f0-a9b0-4c41af93626d176643
Gatwick AirportGatwick AirportWP-19804LondonGP0|#2e5e480a-1dc7-435a-9d35-ff9b453a8852;L0|#02e5e480a-1dc7-435a-9d35-ff9b453a8852|United Kingdom:UK;GTSet|#3e339a2e-a8ca-45f0-a9b0-4c41af93626d176643
Gatwick AirportGatwick AirportWP-19806LondonGP0|#2e5e480a-1dc7-435a-9d35-ff9b453a8852;L0|#02e5e480a-1dc7-435a-9d35-ff9b453a8852|United Kingdom:UK;GTSet|#3e339a2e-a8ca-45f0-a9b0-4c41af93626d176643
Gatwick AirportGatwick AirportWP-19807LondonGP0|#2e5e480a-1dc7-435a-9d35-ff9b453a8852;L0|#02e5e480a-1dc7-435a-9d35-ff9b453a8852|United Kingdom:UK;GTSet|#3e339a2e-a8ca-45f0-a9b0-4c41af93626d176643
Optimum Exposure LimitedOptimum Exposure LimitedWP-19699LagosGP0|#e693631e-283a-4a6a-8975-7315f1f4f3d8;L0|#0e693631e-283a-4a6a-8975-7315f1f4f3d8|Nigeria:NGA;GTSet|#3e339a2e-a8ca-45f0-a9b0-4c41af93626d185208
Frankfurt AirportFrankfurt AirportWP-19683FrankfurtGP0|#d2d93311-03ec-43ff-9d06-d9c758fc6cbc;L0|#0d2d93311-03ec-43ff-9d06-d9c758fc6cbc|Germany:GER;GTSet|#3e339a2e-a8ca-45f0-a9b0-4c41af93626d162064
Orlando-Sanford Int'l Orlando-Sanford Int'l WP-19644SanfordGP0|#59d493f2-76df-4cf1-b8c1-b7110c5df73b;L0|#059d493f2-76df-4cf1-b8c1-b7110c5df73b|Florida:FL;GTSet|#40ec3996-05a4-4b29-be11-accbb09263e3;GPP|#250d4c9d-ec42-43d6-b50b-21dddfa79496GP0|#bcb51922-bc5d-4f17-b95b-de5455d1da85;L0|#0bcb51922-bc5d-4f17-b95b-de5455d1da85|United States:USA;GTSet|#3e339a2e-a8ca-45f0-a9b0-4c41af93626d191382-001

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