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Experience the Daktronics Difference

Our local team in Australia has more than 60 years of combined experience to ensure your project is a success. Daktronics offers the industry's most complete product lineup with solutions to fit your specific performance and budgetary needs.

Out of Home Advertising Installed Product

Out of Home Advertising Solutions

Just as mobile phones and tablets are reshaping our lifestyles, OOH advertising is adapting to the immediacy of today’s digital media with digital billboard and street furniture.

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Retail Installed Product

Retail Solutions

Build a dynamic identity for your shopping centre with LED Signage. Attract both tenants and shoppers with vibrant images and color.

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Sports Installed Product

Sports Solutions

The most complete line of electronic scoring and timing systems, including numeric scoreboards, video scoreboards, and sound and timing systems

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Every Moment Matters

Whether capturing the attention of traffic and pedestrians or energizing a stadium full of enthusiastic fans, Daktronics is here to ensure maximum impact for your biggest moments.

From the moment you decide where you put your digital signage to the moment you decide how you’re going to use your system to influence your audience, every moment of the process matters.

With a flexible array of solutions, you can rely on Daktronics to provide world-class products matched with unparalleled support, integration and customized services to fit your needs. Make your moments positive, memorable and continually sought after by integrating equipment that is designed to work together by one company, Daktronics.

The Most Experienced LED Solution Provider in Australia and New Zealand


OOH Installs In Australia and New Zealand.
Over 6,175 worldwide.


Sports Video Displays in Australia and New Zealand.
Over 2,900 worldwide.


LED Retail Installations in Australia and New Zealand. Over 960 worldwide.

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Australian Pro Sports Facilities use Daktronics Products.

Retail Solutions

Generate new revenue through advertising and entertainment with LED displays.

No matter the size of your facility, digital displays set you apart from the competition. From rotating banner displays to fixed video displays to transparent canvases, we have the experience to help you set your facility apart.

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LCD vs LED Transit and Retail Applications White Paper

Retail Installed Product

Out of Home Advertising Solutions

Dynamic Advertising. Unprecedented Flexibility.

From LED video to street furniture displays with a user-friendly, powerful and flexible control platform, Daktronics offers the most comprehensive solutions in the industry to help you succeed. Our experience is why the world turns to Daktronics as the leader in digital OOH advertising.

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Sports Solutions

The most complete line of video displays, electronic scoreboards and timing systems.

Sports Installed Product

Each LED display is fully customizable and capable of integrating into any facility. Our team of solutions experts has the experience to provide turn-key solutions to bring your visions to life and provide the game-day experience your fans expect.

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Daktronics has consistently met the AFL’s expectations on display quality and video processing. The Daktronics Show Control is a market leader for simple operation and configuration flexibility. The Daktronics video boards provide vibrant, high-resolution imagery. Moreover, Daktronics after sales service is excellent, both in fixing any equipment related issues and in providing advice and help with the ongoing use of the displays. Daktronics has a strong local team with relevant support throughout Australia.Simon GorrNational Venues MangerAustralian Football League (AFL)
Since purchasing multiple displays through Daktronics for both our Rosehill Gardens & Royal Randwick facilities. The partnership grows from strength to strength and Daktronics has consistently met or exceeded our expectations in all areas.Mark FlanaganEGM, Property ManagementAustralian Turf Club Limited
The vibrant clarity and definition is exceptional. Combined with the sheer size of the new display, our race day experience has been transformed offering significantly more information and entertainment for our spectators. Particular thanks and recognition to the Daktronics team for professionally delivering on time and on budget.Jeff Kahler General Manager - Property and Asset Management Brisbane Racing Club
Daktronics has demonstrated customer service focus, professionalism and competency at all levels from start to finish, their project management team were organised, proactive and delivered on-time or ahead of schedule without fuss. This was matched by the quick thinking and adaptive site crew who dealt with problems pragmatically in addition to completing core tasks. Daktronics has been instrumental in successful project deliveries to date, and we look forward to opportunities to work with the team in the future.Adrian FongScentre Group, BrandSpace




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QMS MediaQMS MediaWP-19349MelbourneGP0|#649ebb7f-075b-4ea8-9421-ae9afc4d746d;L0|#0649ebb7f-075b-4ea8-9421-ae9afc4d746d|Australia:AUS;GTSet|#3e339a2e-a8ca-45f0-a9b0-4c41af93626d190464-001
QMS MediaQMS MediaWP-19350MelbourneGP0|#649ebb7f-075b-4ea8-9421-ae9afc4d746d;L0|#0649ebb7f-075b-4ea8-9421-ae9afc4d746d|Australia:AUS;GTSet|#3e339a2e-a8ca-45f0-a9b0-4c41af93626d170577-001

Committed to Customer Success Since 1968

Technical innovation goes beyond building LED signs; it's how a company works with its customers to solve their everyday challenges.

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Solutions to fit your budget.

With local sales and service across the U.S. and worldwide, we build long-lasting relationships to provide you with the best possible product and service.

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Reliable products to depend on.

Our engineers test the limits of every Daktronics product. The end result is a high-performing display that excels in even the most adverse conditions.

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Committed to customer service.

Service and parts, when you need it and how you need it. Our trained technicians, located around the world, provide service to meet your standards of excellence.

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