Brookwood Baptist Church Baptist ChurchShreveportGP0|#bb310479-677a-40be-9e1c-0099813b0e5e;L0|#0bb310479-677a-40be-9e1c-0099813b0e5e|Louisiana:LA;GTSet|#40ec3996-05a4-4b29-be11-accbb09263e3;GPP|#250d4c9d-ec42-43d6-b50b-21dddfa79496GP0|#bcb51922-bc5d-4f17-b95b-de5455d1da85;L0|#0bcb51922-bc5d-4f17-b95b-de5455d1da85|United States:USA;GTSet|#3e339a2e-a8ca-45f0-a9b0-4c41af93626d

‚ÄčLED Displays For Worship

Connect with congregation members and reach out to your community

Quickly and easily update messaging to promote programs you offer using Daktronics LED message displays. Enhance worship services with LED video displays featuring increased viewing angles, superior image detail, and eye-catching graphics. Run live video feed of the worship team and speakers. Enhance image quality and communicate effectively with all generations.

How Can Your Ministry Use LED Displays?

  • Remind members of service times, Bible studies, and classes
  • Showcase your programs and upcoming events
  • Add a dynamic visual to your worship services
  • Promote guest speakers and seminars
  • Spread encouragement with verses
  • Reach people passing your property
  • Increase viewing angles with video screens
  • Enhance image quality with video screens
  • Ultimate solution for ambient light the few weeks since erecting our sign, we've seen a 72% increase in first-time visitors that confirmed they chose fellowship with us because of seeing the sign.Joel GunnBusiness ManagerChristian Family Church




Wondering how to get people to your place of worship?

Our customers say LED digital displays help them reach front-door audiences faster and drive more traffic than they ever imagined. Download the brochure to find out how a digital display can help you reach your audience.



River City Community Church City Community ChurchWP-18319SelmaGP0|#4c6c24d8-01c5-41ea-9d51-ff425c94d2c4;L0|#04c6c24d8-01c5-41ea-9d51-ff425c94d2c4|Texas:TX;GTSet|#40ec3996-05a4-4b29-be11-accbb09263e3;GPP|#250d4c9d-ec42-43d6-b50b-21dddfa79496GP0|#bcb51922-bc5d-4f17-b95b-de5455d1da85;L0|#0bcb51922-bc5d-4f17-b95b-de5455d1da85|United States:USA;GTSet|#3e339a2e-a8ca-45f0-a9b0-4c41af93626d
Bay Area Fellowship Area FellowshipWP-18257Corpus ChristiGP0|#4c6c24d8-01c5-41ea-9d51-ff425c94d2c4;L0|#04c6c24d8-01c5-41ea-9d51-ff425c94d2c4|Texas:TX;GTSet|#40ec3996-05a4-4b29-be11-accbb09263e3;GPP|#250d4c9d-ec42-43d6-b50b-21dddfa79496GP0|#bcb51922-bc5d-4f17-b95b-de5455d1da85;L0|#0bcb51922-bc5d-4f17-b95b-de5455d1da85|United States:USA;GTSet|#3e339a2e-a8ca-45f0-a9b0-4c41af93626d
United Methodist Church Methodist ChurchWP-18258Corpus ChristiGP0|#4c6c24d8-01c5-41ea-9d51-ff425c94d2c4;L0|#04c6c24d8-01c5-41ea-9d51-ff425c94d2c4|Texas:TX;GTSet|#40ec3996-05a4-4b29-be11-accbb09263e3;GPP|#250d4c9d-ec42-43d6-b50b-21dddfa79496GP0|#bcb51922-bc5d-4f17-b95b-de5455d1da85;L0|#0bcb51922-bc5d-4f17-b95b-de5455d1da85|United States:USA;GTSet|#3e339a2e-a8ca-45f0-a9b0-4c41af93626d
First Baptist Church Baptist ChurchWP-18262Corpus ChristiGP0|#4c6c24d8-01c5-41ea-9d51-ff425c94d2c4;L0|#04c6c24d8-01c5-41ea-9d51-ff425c94d2c4|Texas:TX;GTSet|#40ec3996-05a4-4b29-be11-accbb09263e3;GPP|#250d4c9d-ec42-43d6-b50b-21dddfa79496GP0|#bcb51922-bc5d-4f17-b95b-de5455d1da85;L0|#0bcb51922-bc5d-4f17-b95b-de5455d1da85|United States:USA;GTSet|#3e339a2e-a8ca-45f0-a9b0-4c41af93626d
The Salvation Army Salvation ArmyWP-18235GuelphGP0|#ae921b40-5793-4254-af26-dbb76894178a;L0|#0ae921b40-5793-4254-af26-dbb76894178a|Ontario:ON;GTSet|#40ec3996-05a4-4b29-be11-accbb09263e3;GPP|#6cda74aa-56fb-415b-95b1-11fb22ef2101GP0|#ea8a0cd8-a50b-491b-8389-30f5626a17b9;L0|#0ea8a0cd8-a50b-491b-8389-30f5626a17b9|Canada:CAN;GTSet|#3e339a2e-a8ca-45f0-a9b0-4c41af93626d



Resurrection Lutheran Church<iframe height="360" src="" frameborder="0" width="640"></iframe>Resurrection Lutheran ChurchLED message displays are an effective, convenient way to spread the word about current programs and services for houses of worship. Passersby are informed of education programs, contact information and Sunday service times.



Pine Grove United Methodist Church Grove United Methodist ChurchPine Grove United Methodist ChurchPine Grove Methodist Church recently received a donation from a community member. Arnold Hamm, the 2010 Chair of Finance Committee at Pine Grove United Methodist, felt that this donation would be wisely spent on upgrading their old backlit copy board to an LED digital display.
First Baptist Church of Newland Baptist Church of NewlandFirst Baptist Church of NewlandThe relationship between First Baptist Church of Newland and Daktronics did not truly begin to develop until the Minister of Youth and Children's Services, Tim Berry, had his computer crash right before Thanksgiving, losing all of the content he had created.



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