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Digital Billboard Products

Revolutionary LED Design with Unmatched Customer Service - Exclusively From Daktronics

Customer service isn't just something we offer, it is who we are. We're with you every step of the way - from permitting to installation to training and service - to ensure your success. That makes Daktronics the best value in the industry. See why customers come back to Daktronics time and time again.

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Industry's Highest Image Quality

Advertiser's Content gets Noticed

The best contrast for crisper details and purer colors.

  • LEDs that target light towards your intended audience
  • Module coating in black matte finish to reduce reflection
  • Louvers that shade the LEDs

Get Your Return on Investment

Sleek, compact cabinet design and reduced power consumption provide for a more cost-effective product, saving you money and resulting in a greater return on investment.

The Perfect Size


11' x 22' Poster

3 m x 7 m
Delivers fantastic exposure to residents and commuter traffic

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Jr Bulletin

10'6" x 36' Jr. Bulletin

3 m x 11 m
Showcase sharp views for high-traffic locations

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14' x 48' Bulletin

4 m x 15 m
Considered the industry standard for freeway billboard structures

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20' x 60' Spectacular

6 m x 18 m
Used in key business districts and areas with large exposure to highway traffic

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Custom Sizes 

Custom Sizes

Not seeing the size you need? We can design a custom digital billboard to fit any location.

Brightness Guarantee

10 Year Brightness Guarantee

With Daktronics, we ship our displays at 8,500 nits. That’s over 13% higher than the rest of the industry, and we guarantee that your display’s brightness will be at least 5,000 nits at year 10. In fact, it takes 5 years for our displays to even dim to the level that our competition ships at.


Content Management Anywhere

Venus Control Suite delivers an all-in-one, easy-to-use business solution for out of home advertising clients. Venus controls digital billboards, regardless of manufacturer, through a secure, web-based experience that allows users to operate from anywhere, on any device.

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Ad Sales

We believe that a digital billboard should be 50%-100% sold out prior to even installing. Learn about industry trends, creative content ideas, sales strategies, ad grid options, the benefits of digital for advertisers and more.

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