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Digital Billboard Products

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The DB-5000 Series – A Revolutionary Advancement in LED Technology

An LED For The Industry

By optimizing light output, our digital billboards precisely target viewers, enabling them to experience advertising the way it was intended.

  • Increased brightness
  • Whiter whites, blacker blacks
  • Unmatched uniformity
  • Reduced power consumption

Our Commitment

Daktronics designs and delivers innovative technology that incorporates customer feedback to always provide the greatest customer experience. 


Precision Technology

Optimized light output targets your audience, gets content noticed, and generates more revenue.

Image Quality

Image Quality

The best contrast in the industry makes your display's images "pop". Our three methods of calibration keep it that way.


Intelligent Design

Integrated Smartlink, IP-67 weather rating, and front & rear access – that's just smart thinking.

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Venus Control Suite

Control your billboard from any mobile device, see displays live, use drag and drop scheduling, and more.

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The Right Technology

Matrix Technology 

The Industry Standard - Matrix Technology

The MT pixel layout is the industry standard and uses clusters of three LEDs to create each pixel. The MT layout is a reliable and proven pixel layout technology and is best used for up-close viewing distances.

Optimized Technology 

Daktronics Proprietary Design - Optimized Technology

The OT module uses a staggered, high-density pixel layout that optimizes the number of full-color pixels within a given screen area. The painted black areas of this module provide enhanced contrast for brilliant-looking displays. 

The Perfect Size


11' x 22' Poster

3 m x 7 m
Delivers fantastic exposure to residents and commuter traffic

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Jr Bulletin

10'6" x 36' Jr. Bulletin

3 m x 11 m
Showcase sharp views for high-traffic locations

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14' x 48' Bulletin

4 m x 15 m
Considered the industry standard for freeway billboard structures

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20' x 60' Spectacular

6 m x 18 m
Used in key business districts and areas with large exposure to highway traffic

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Custom Sizes 

Custom Sizes

Not seeing the size you need? We can design a custom digital billboard to fit any location.

Venus Control Suite



Content Management Anywhere

Venus Control Suite delivers an all-in-one, easy-to-use business solution for out of home advertising clients. Venus controls digital billboards, regardless of manufacturer, through a secure, web-based experience that allows users to operate from anywhere, on any device.

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