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When it comes to LED billboards, we think adding intelligent features while eliminating the unnecessary ones is a pretty good philosophy. The result is smarter digital billboards and the most respected choice in the industry.

Daktronics Digital Billboard Sizes

From our popular standard billboard sizes to totally customized LED displays, we can help you select the signage that will fit your needs.


Dimensions: 14' x 48'
Line Spacing:
15 mm, 16 mm, or 20 mm

The most common freeway billboard structure used today. Considered the industry standard.

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Dimensions: 11' x 22'
Line Spacing:
15 mm, 16 mm, or 20 mm

Perfect for viewing by pedestrians or people in automobiles. Deliver fantastic exposure to residents and commuter traffic.

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Jr. Bulletin

Dimensions: 10'6" x 36'
Line Spacing:
15 mm, 16 mm, or 20 mm

The most common outdoor digital billboard used on freeways. Showcase sharp views for high-traffic locations.

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Dimensions: 20' x 60'
Line Spacing:
15 mm, 16 mm, or 20 mm

Used for expressways in key business districts and areas with visibility to several major highways.

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Additional Digital Billboard Sizes:

10' x 20' | 10' x 30' | 14' x 28'

Not seeing the size you need? Don't worry.

Unique billboard applications might not fit the above sizes. We can build a custom digital billboard to fit any location.

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Incredible Image Quality for Life

We developed a road map for maintaining your digital billboard's image quality. We strategically adjust LED nit levels throughout the billboard's lifetime to maximize brightness. Add in pioneering calibration methods and you end up with a billboard that looks great for years. Plus, our universal module platform enables a trouble-free upgrade down the road.

Calibration Processes for Maintaining Image Quality

To ensure your billboard delivers the same visual impact it did on day one, we offer three methods of display calibration. Digital billboard calibration can adjust each individual red, green, and blue LED improving its image quality and adding years of life to the display.


We calibrate individual LEDs and modules for intensity and color.


Daktronics technician adjusts any module to match the surrounding area.


We use a digital camera and software to field calibrate the whole display.

Unique features designed for increased uptime and profitability.

Easy Installation

Our LED billboard border ships pre-attached to the digital billboard, making installation fast and easy. No horizontal stringers or spreader beams, fewer attachment points, shorter installation time and lower weight - only from Daktronics.

Universal Display Module

Each module was engineered to be the same dimensions allowing for seamless product upgrading in the future. If a tighter pixel pitch is needed down the road, simply replace the old modules with a new, tighter pixel pitch module of the exact same dimensions.

Eye Popping Image Quality

The widest color palette (144 quadrillion colors) ensures content creator's have the ability to digitally duplicate ad copy reproductions. Increased contrast with zero perceived tiling, minimized lines between modules, blacker blacks, richer colors, and bolder images equal one great-looking display.

Ultimate Control with SmartLink™

Powering down a digital billboard in hurricane regions can minimize damage. Before SmartLink™, a technician would have to travel to the billboard site for shutdown. Now technicians can delay this to the last minute, allowing emergency content to play as long as possible. A redundant communication path and remote shutdown/startup feature is crucial during inclement weather. It also saves money by eliminating service visits to restore communication.

Redundant Data Signal

Bi-directional signal cables automatically switch to a backup feed in the event of a signal failure, assuring that your advertising client's information and artwork maintain readability. Without a redundant data signal, a cable failure will lead to information loss.

Fully Sealed, 2-to-1 Power Supplies

We dedicate one fully sealed, internally mounted power supply to every two digital billboard modules, making installation easier and rear servicing more convenient. Your message remains readable even if a power supply fails because the failed power supply only affects two modules. Other LED digital billboard distributors may have a single power supply delivering power to large groups of modules. When a power supply fails, it affects a vast section of a digital billboard and the advertisement becomes unreadable.

Protected from Mother Nature

Our fully sealed LED modules, power supplies, and components have an IP-67 rating. That means they deliver unmatched defense against the outdoor elements.

Multi-Directional Light Sensor

Measures the light conditions outside in 3 ways, then adjusts our billboards overall brightness throughout the day. This ensures it only uses the amount of energy needed to operate effectively.

Daktronics On-Going Digital Billboard Support

Remote Diagnostics

We bring together industry-leading engineering and service to equip your billboard with an unparalleled, Remote Diagnostics solution.

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24/7 Help Desk

Need help with your billboard? We have you covered 24/7 – 365. Our skilled help desk is ready to support you with any technical concern or question.

Help Desk

National Support

We have an extensive network of Daktronics-trained technicians located throughout the US and Canada, ensuring prompt and reliable service of your Daktronics displays.


We offer a wide range of maintenance and warranty options and customize our service packages based on your needs.

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