Venus 1500: Training Options

What Training Options Are Available for Venus 1500 Software?

This tutorial explains the different training options available for Venus® 1500 software. Compelling, interesting content is what makes a digital display an effective sales tool. Familiarity with Venus 1500 software is important to create revenue-generating content. Daktronics offers several training options to learn Venus 1500 display software and get maximum effectiveness from your message display.

Video Transcript

Welcome. Daktronics understands that using a new software can sometimes be challenging. We've created several different training options available for you so that you can get up to speed and use your display quickly. This short video is designed to walk you through the different training options available for Venus 1500 version 4. The first training option is the Venus 1500 software training videos. These are designed to help answer questions you might have about a specific topic and can be a great tool to help get you started with the software.

If you're looking for that next level of software training, you may want to consider a web seminar or one-on-one webinar. These are interactive training experiences with a Daktronics trainer. The web seminar is done in a group setting with other learners on the phone as well. The one-on-one webinar provides a slightly more customized training. Both training options allow students to interact with the instructor to ask questions and even take control at different points in the training to practice a topic just taught. Both the web seminar and webinar options require a phone line, high speed internet connection and a web browser.

If you've watched the tutorial and have participated in a web seminar, but you're still looking for more training you may want to consider attending one of our one day workshops held at our corporate office in Brookings, SD. By attending the one day workshop, you will learn how to use Venus 1500, how to create content specifically for your display, design tips and more. During the course of the training, you will be able to work with an instructor to create some content that you can take home and load to your display. You will also have the opportunity to take a tour of our facilities and see displays in different phases of the manufacturing process.

For additional training information visit /venus1500

Interested in Training?

Visit our Venus® 1500 training section to learn more about options available to you. View trainings in your area, trainings at our headquarters, online training, and more.

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