Curling Scoreboard

This indoor LED curling scoreboard displays separate HOME and GUEST end times to 99, HOME and GUEST scores to 8 for up to 11 ends with total scores to 99, and indicates the active team. When end time is less than one minute, the scoreboard displays time in seconds. Scoreboard shown with optional striping.

Sport Scored: Curling
Digit Sizes: 7"
Dimensions: H = 3' 0" W = 11' 6" D = 0' 6"
Control: All Sport 5000
Digit Technology: PanaView
Construction: Durable, lightweight aluminum Tuff Sport® cabinet
Cabinet Color: ​150+ Colors








Daktronics CU-2001 Curling LED Scoreboard Manual (DD1862870) Documents/Customer-Service-Manuals/DD1862870.pdfDaktronics CU-2001 Curling LED Scoreboard Manual (DD1862870)1779296




CU-2001-14 Architect Specifications Documents/HSPR-Documents/DD1862865.docCU-2001-14 Architect Specifications62464
CU-2001 Product Specifications Documents/HSPR-Documents/DD1862875.pdfCU-2001 Product Specifications614683


Scoreboard Options & Related Products

Your main scoreboard provides vital information, but the enhancements surrounding the scoreboard make the most impact in a facility. Daktronics is constantly developing new options and enhancements to accompany scoreboards. Browse through your scoreboard options to see how you can create a unique display.

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