Two-Sided Transparent Game/Shot Clock

This two-sided transparent LED basketball game clock and shot clock timer displays game time to 99:59 and shot times up to a value of 99 seconds. It can also count down from any preset time between 0 and 99 seconds. During the last minute of the period, game time is displayed to 1/10 of a second. LED light strips around the perimeter of both sides of the display illuminate red when the game clock displays zero. A hand-held start/stop/reset switch is included with purchase. The BB-2141 is typically used as an auxiliary backstop display with the BB-2140. This shot clock is ColorSmart® compatible.


Sport Scored: Basketball
Digit Sizes: 7", 5"
Dimensions: H = 1' 9.5" W = 1' 9.5" D = 0' 3.5"
Control: All Sport 5000
Digit Technology: PanaView
Construction: Durable, lightweight aluminum with polycarbonate faces
Cabinet Color: 150+ Colors

Digit Technology

This product comes standard with PanaView® digit technology. Daktronics also offers the option to upgrade the digit technology to UniView® digits. Learn more about digit technology.

PanaView Digits

Daktronics PanaView® digits are robust and strong, especially designed for Daktronics Tuff Sport® scoreboards. They offer every money-saving advantage of LED technology and provide an outstanding viewing angle that outshines incandescent lamps and previous LED technologies.



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Transparent Shot Clock Display Manual (ED-15168) Documents/Customer-Service-Manuals/ED-15168.pdfTransparent Shot Clock Display Manual (ED-15168)1930411




BB-2141 Architect Specifications Documents/HSPR-Documents/SL07704.docBB-2141 Architect Specifications69120
BB-2141 Product Specifications Documents/HSPR-Documents/SL07406.pdfBB-2141 Product Specifications512374




Scoreboard Catalog Documents/HSPR-Documents/Guides_Lit/ScoreboardCatalog.pdfScoreboard Catalog19307332

Weather-Sealed Digits

Don't let corrosion bring your scoreboard down on game day. Daktronics weather-sealed digits significantly increase reliability and product performance. No other LED scoreboard manufacturer offers this kind of protection.

  • 1/8 inch layer of weather-tight silicone gel
  • Applied to front and back of internal digits
  • Completely seals out moisture
  • Unmatched resistance to the harshest of conditions
View Outdoor Digits

Scoreboard Enhancements 

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Your main scoreboard provides vital information, but the enhancements surrounding the scoreboard make the most impact in a facility. Daktronics is constantly developing new options and enhancements to accompany scoreboards. Browse through your scoreboard options to see how you can create a unique display.

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