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Freeform LED Audio Facade

SportSound SSD-1500

Daktronics digital audio façade combines next generation ProPixel® Freeform LED Sticks and Sportsound® sound systems for the ultimate solution to pump up the crowd. Featuring near limitless potential for mounting applications, the thin, sleek design of ProPixel Freeform LED Sticks employs a pixel layout ideal for large to mid-sized applications requiring exceptional daytime visibility. Daktronics Sportsound sound systems provide high-impact sound reinforcement for nearly any outdoor facility. This single point sound system is fully assembled and provides even coverage and levels capable of overcoming crowd noise. Combined, these systems create a unique solution for exciting fans and increasing revenue.


  • Audio transparent display does not impact audio quality
  • Dynamic display makes it easy to switch and rotate content for greater exposure of advertisements and crowd prompts • Showcase different mascots/logos for multi-team facilities
  • Synchronize audio and video for a powerful message and moment of exclusivity
  • Weather resistant IP 67 rating and sealed element housing for environmental protection from the elements


Dimensions: H = 6' 0" W = 8' 0" D = 3' 6"
1650 lb (750 kg)
Paint Color: Powder coat black finish is standard; more colors available
Construction: Steel skeleton sheeted in aluminum paneling with three (3) rear access doors




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