Cleveland Browns

Cleveland , Ohio:OH , United States:USA




Cleveland Browns Browns

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Cleveland Browns

Cleveland , Ohio:OH , United States:USA

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The Cleveland Browns have introduced unique perspectives to FirstEnergy Stadium as they installed 25 individual LED displays. Every display of the 25-display super-system installation features a high-quality 15HD pixel layout. Each new main end-zone display features a unique angled pattern on its north edge and features nearly 6,900 square feet of display space.

The main displays are capable of showing one large image to highlight live video and instant replays. They can also be divided into separate windows to show a variety of vivid graphics, colorful animations, up-to-the-minute statistics, scoring information and sponsor advertisements. All displays incorporate excellent image clarity and contrast with wide-angle visibility, while providing multiple levels of protection from outdoor elements.

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Cleveland Browns Project Highlight Browns Project Highlight



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Prior to the last play widget, we could not confirm that the most recent play had been inputted by GSIS. The last play widget now gives us the confidence that our statistical graphics are both timely and accurate.Jay O'BrienDirector of Broadcasting and Game-Day ProductionsBaltimore Ravens
When we are designing graphics for home games at FirstEnergy Stadium, we always hope to maximize what Daktronics’ next generation technology can offer our fans using the new video boards and their complementary digital elements.Rich HanchetteMotion Graphic Artist, Content & ProductionCleveland Browns
Browns fans are passionate about football and are highly interested in scores from throughout the league, and we are now able to vividly and accurately provide them that information with Daktronics’ new field graphic generator to improve their in-stadium experience. By creating a visual and data driven version of the out of town scores, fans at FirstEnergy Stadium can be fully engaged with the Browns game while staying completely up to date on what’s happening throughout the country on Sundays.Rich HanchetteMotion Graphic Artist, Content & ProductionCleveland Browns
We have consistently said that our two primary focuses are winning games and creating the best fan experience in the NFL. By installing these two new Daktronics video boards, which are nearly triple the size of the old units, and enhancing technology throughout the stadium, we have improved in both areas by adding features that will help us provide our fans and players the best possible game-day atmosphere.Alec ScheinerPresidentCleveland Browns






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