Pari-mutuel Systems for Horse & Dog Racing

Daktronics LED displays help racing venues create the ultimate horse and dog racing environment for patrons. Increase value provided to sponsors, advertise upcoming events, and promote other track amenities such as clubhouse specials.

Daktronics LED display technology will enhance your track and allow you to:

  • Communicate tote information, race results, statistics and track conditions
  • Maximize a visually stimulating racing atmosphere with live video feeds, instant replays, and race leaders
  • Easily create, update, and change information on the fly

Products to make every seat the best seat in the house.

LED Video Displays

Show dynamic live video, dazzling graphics, custom animation, full-color graphics and logos, up-to-the-minute race statistics, timing and results information and more with a Daktronics LED video display. Daktronics offers permanent and mobile displays to meet all of your video needs for race day.

  • Use real-time statistical graphics, visually showing the leader board and other race-in-progress information.
  • Fans can watch every turn with a live video feed.
  • Maximize revenue potential with added inventory throughout your track.
  • Add additional applications to add to your venue such as those listed below.

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Scoring & Timing

View a complete line of numeric scoreboards and timing systems to show complete results information.

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Message Displays

Show race results and sponsor information with a full-color or monochrome message display.

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Control Systems & Software

Our line of control systems and software make it easy for operators to display standings and results.

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Additional Applications


Marquees are a great way to get your events in the public eye. Increase ticket sales for upcoming events, show up-to-the-minute stats and game information and promote matches year-round.

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Concourse Displays

Use a network of displays to deliver advertisements, relevant entertainment information and sports scores in the concourses and club areas.

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