Creating the ultimate racing environment for patrons.

From communicating tote information, race results, statistics and track conditions to presenting live feeds and instant replays, Daktronics pari-mutuel display solutions can enhance the racing experience for attendees at any venue.

Numeric Tote Boards 

Tote Boards

Choose from a number of custom tote board sections to maximize your presentation.

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Drop-In Digits 

Retrofit Digits

Retrofit those obsolete technologies to state-of-the-art electronic drop-in digits.

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Related Products

Daktronics offers a variety of cost effective, decorative accents that allow racetracks to create a aesthetically appealing display to tailor a display to compliment your facilities ambience.

Video Display

Video Displays

To create the ultimate racing environment, Daktronics video displays use 281 billion colors to deliver racing coverage, ranging from tote board information, race results and advertisements to live video and instant-replays.

Message Displays


Message Displays

Available in a wide array of matrix sizes and pixel pitches, Galaxy® displays prove truly versatile. Implemented into a tote board, Galaxy® displays advertise for commercial sponsors, inform patrons of odds, race times and track conditions and entertain with graphics and animations.




Standard decorative accents allow racetracks to create more aesthetically appealing displays or tailor a display to complement the facility's ambience.         
Truss: Square, Arch, Dome


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