FLD3-2000, What do the diagnostic LEDs on the outdoor surge card mean?


  • What do the diagnostic LEDs mean the outdoor surge cards for FLD3-2000 systems mean?
  • How can the LED's on the FLD3-2000 surge cards be used to troubleshoot?


  • FLD3-2000
  • 0P-1611-0507 outdoor surge card
  • FL-3000/4500 digit display


  • DS1: Located next to TB1. DS1 lights up to indicate that the first receiver for this card is being driven low by the previous pylon surge card transmitter circuit and can receive data. It also flashes indicating data is being received.  (See DD3435253 for proper wiring between surge cards.)
  • DS2: Located Next to DB9 Solder Pins toward the center of the card. DS2 lights up to indicate that a DM-100 has been connected to the DB9 port on the surge card.
  • DS3: Located Next to TB3. This LED flashes to indicate that the surge card is receiving data from the FL-3000 driver.
  • DS4: Located toward the top-left section of the card. Indicates that the card is receiving power from the driver (3.3 Volts DC).123123.png

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