Troubleshooting IDM: Checksum Error on Module


  • Product Family: Billboard, Galaxy 
  • Product: AF-2014, AF-3500, AF-3550, DB-1000, DB-2000, DB-3000,
  • Component: Modules, ribbon cables, Multi-Line Controller (MLC)
  • Control: IDM

Troubleshooting Steps

Remote Troubleshooting Steps

  1. This issue cannot be addressed remotely.

Onsite Troubleshooting Steps

  1. Determine Series of Display.
  2. Move last working module in that row to a new location - Does the issue follow?
    • Yes - Replace the module as the issue is within the module
    • No - Proceed to Step 3
  3. Move the first non-working module in the row to a new location. Does the issue follow the module?
  4. Move the ribbon cable connecting the last working module and the first non-working module to a new location. Does the issue follow?

KB ID: DD3432810

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