How to update Ethernet Bridge Radios firmware through EBR Diagnostics?


  • How do I update the firmware for my Ethernet Bridge Radios?


  • Ethernet Bridge Radios


  1. Download EBR (Ethernet Bridge Radio) Diagnostics by following the steps in:
  2. Open EBR diagnostics and click on Advanced Diagnostics.
  3. On the left hand side under Radio List click on radios listed under Server and Client to verify proper firmware version (New: 106) and web version (New: 1.60.4299).
Radio List.PNGVersion.PNG
  1. If the firmware is out of date download the following files:
  2. EBR diagnostics may show a connection to the radios. However, if the radio IP address is not within the subnet of the network, a direct connection will be required.
  3. Right click on the radio listed under Client and choose Firmware Update (Important note:  Always update Client first).
  4. Select the Browse button and locate the firmware and open: 
    • Brutus_ARM_Daktronics_x.xx.xxxx.webbin
  5. Click Upload button to apply the firmware.
  6. Wait for Upload to be completed, message will read:  "File received and verified.  The device will update firmware and then reset."
  7. Right click on the Client radio and choose Firmware Update
  8. Select the Browse button and locate the firmware and open:
    • xTR_900_vxx.bin
  9. Click the Upload button.
  10. Wait for Upload to be completed, message will read:  "File received and verified.  The device will update firmware and then reset."
  11. Note:  Firmware Version may show up as 6 instead of 106 under Advanced Diagnostics of EBR Diagnostics.
  12. Repeat steps 4-11 to update the firmware for the Server.

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