Unable to launch Content Studio, "Content Studio By Daktronics has stopped working", Venus Control Suite (VCS) and Venus 1500 V4 installed on the same machine


  • Content Studio for either Venus Control Suite or Venus 1500 V4 will not open.
  • "Content Studio By Daktronics has stopped working".
  • Running a repair on Venus V4 may allow its Content Studio to become temporarily available but VCS Content Studio will become inoperable (and vice versa).
  • CSstopped1.jpg


  • Venus 1500 V4
  • Venus Control Suite Daktronics Hosted
  • Site has BOTH Venus 1500 V4 and VCS controlled displays


  • Alternate versions of Content Studio are conflicting with one another preventing proper performance of either.


  • Utilize two separate computers for the different software.

Work Around

KB ID: DD3371222

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