How to load a custom script to a VFC


  • How to load a custom script in VFC


  • VFC (Vanguard Field Controller)
  • removable USB memory stick / thumb drive
  • Custom Scripts- used to preload message'sā€‹ā€‹ onto VFC


  1. the custom script can be found on the contract's Site Configuration drawing. 
  2. Save the custom script to a USB thumb drive.
  3. Insert the USB thumb drive into the VFC's USB port (J3).
  4. Login to the VFC.
  5. Select Shared.
  6. Select Update.
  7. Select Add-ins.
  8. Select the custom script (deb file) that you saved to the USB thumb drive.
  9. Return to the main menu and select Sign 1.
  10. Select Configuration.
  11. Select System.
  12. Select Optional.
  13. Select Run Script.
  14. Select appropriate display size, the confirm.
  15. Verify messages are loaded under Message Control menu (messages will be viewable under RUN SAVED MESSAGE).
  16. Repeat steps 8 through 13 for each sign.

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