Display information lines are swapped top and bottom, Ribbon output

Potential Symptom

  • Data from bottom line of the display is on top line.
    • Seen most commonly after replacing the controller.
  • Row/s of modules showing garbage or pixilation.


  • Product Family: Galaxy, GalaxyPro
  • Product: AF-3010, AF-3020, AF-3050, AF-3060, AF-3080, AF-3090, AF-3150, AF-3160, AF-3165, AF-3180, AF-3190, AF-3197, AF-3200, AF-3220, AF-3400, AF-3500, AF-3550, AF-3700, GPR (Revolution)
  • Component: Controller, ribbon cables


  • Ribbon cables from the modules are not in the correct output jacks of the controller.


  • Connect the cables in the correct order with Row 1 (Top Row of modules) plugging into the Jack labeled Line 1 on the controller.
    • Subsequent rows of modules from the top down connect immediately under the previous ribbon cable plugged into the controller.
    • If the display is larger than 4 rows of modules plug the 5th row into the jack labeled Line 5 on the controller and connect subsequent rows of modules immediately under until all ribbons coming from the modules are used.

KB ID: DD2109704

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