DF-1010, Time and temp, shows E4, LED test works, E4 remains after sending sequence


  • Time and temp display is showing E4.
    • When trying to send the sequence, no time or temp shows, only E4.
    • When checking the time and temp formats, there is no hold time set.
  • LED test does work so communication is good.


  • DF-1010
  • DM-100


  • No hold time set for the time or temp.


  • Set a hold time for time and temp and then send the sequence to the display.
1. Click "Menu" on the DM-100.
2. Arrow down or up to Time format and click "Enter".
3. Type in a hold time and click "Enter".
4. The next option is degrees F (temp), click "Enter".
5. Type in a hold time and click "Enter".
6. The Celsius temp is the next option, if this option is desired to be displayed on the sign, again select and type in a hold time.
7. Click "Enter".
8. Click "update display" or "send sequence" (upper right hand button on the DM-100).
9. Verify sign is showing the selected options.

KB ID: DD2049406

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