Visiconn® Online Display Management

Transform any Internet-ready computer into a secure, global control center for multiple LED displays, flat panel monitors and other presentation technologies.

A rights-based control environment allows you to grant advertisers access to powerful content management tools, while also providing detailed ad tracking and proof-of-play reports.

These features, combined with instant content deployment and the ability to sync with trusted real-time data providers to incorporate live information into any presentation, make the Visiconn solution ideal for one-stop, globalized marketing.


Media Management

Intuitive, User-Driven Organization.

With searchable content libraries, real-time data integration and online content compositing, Visiconn can transform any Internet-ready computer into a powerful multimedia hub where you can design, upload and organize a variety of different media clips.

Once uploaded into your content library, you can then instantly deploy digital media to any number of displays in your sign network for quick, convenient delivery.

   Media Library

Allow your advertisers to upload, edit and organize their own library of media files. Enable them to quickly locate files with an integrated file search feature.

   Content Compositing

Design and layout basic advertisements online with an embedded content compositing application. Save your design work to an integrated media library for quick approval and delivery.

   Real-Time Data Integration

Connect with licensed news, sports and information wires to incorporate live scores, weather reports, travel advisories, stock quotes and breaking news headlines into any graphic layout.

   Variety of File Formats

Enjoy support for a variety of multimedia formats, including: .jpeg, .gif, .tiff, .bmp, .avi, and many more.

Scheduling & Reporting

Quick. Simple. Effective.

Developed by working hand-in-hand with media networks and advertising specialists around the world, Visiconn control systems pack the industry’s most advanced scheduling technology into an intuitive, user-friendly interface that is both easy to learn and easy to execute.


Create custom content playlists that can rotate different ads during different dayparts.

   3rd-Party Advertising

Generate third-party ad revenue with multiple tiers of account management. Allow advertising partners to update, edit and manage their own ad schedules.

   Distribution Charts

Reference the exact time and date of each ad showing on the fly with playback distribution charts. View increments by minutes, hours, days, weeks or months.

   Ad Reporting

Produce detailed proof-of-play reports for your displays with built-in ad tracking tools. Provide peace of mind for advertisers and account managers alike.

Software as a Service Advantages

As Software as a Service, the Visiconn display management solution offers the latest, most up-to-date control software each time you login to the system.

   Easy Setup

Access powerful display management tools from any Internet-ready computer. No software or drivers needed.

   Reduced IT Needs

Eliminate the need to dedicate internal IT staff towards software control and control system maintenance.

   Instant Deployment

Deploy display content anywhere, anytime with secured servers that operate 24/7/365.

   Automatic Updates

Receive hands-free system upgrades automatically each time newer versions release.

   Advanced Security

Visiconn® display management solutions take advantage of the latest advancements in online security to assure that your display network is secure 24/7/365. All user content is stored and backed up on secure servers to ensure complete peace-of-mind.

   Integrated Emergency Alerts

Not only do Visiconn® systems serve your clients, they also serve your community. With fully integrated alert functionality, it can instantly turn any display network into an emergency broadcast system, interrupting ad schedules to display a variety of alerts and warnings.

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