StatCrew Interfaces

Product Overview

StatCrew Interface allows users of Stat Crew® software to send live statistics directly to a Daktronics scoreboard or display controller. The interface reduces the duties of the operators while giving fans access to dynamic statistical content on stat panels, video displays, and message centers. Available for baseball, basketball, football, hockey, and volleyball.


System Requirements

  • Windows XP/Vista/7
  • 1.5 GHz or faster processor
  • 2 GB RAM
  • One (1) serial port, or USB port and serial-to-USB adapter
  • Additional serial ports or networking may be needed based on the individual facility



Stat Crew Interfaces Quick Guide (DD1701004) Documents/Customer-Service-Manuals/Stat Crew Interfaces Quick Guide.pdfStat Crew Interfaces Quick Guide (DD1701004)633567
All Sport Interface for Stat Crew BB & VB Product Specifications Documents/HSPR-Documents/SL06044.pdfAll Sport Interface for Stat Crew BB & VB Product Specifications325270
Stat Crew Basketball Interface Product Specifications Documents/HSPR-Documents/SL05561.pdfStat Crew Basketball Interface Product Specifications484673
Stat Crew Volleyball Interface Product Specifications Documents/HSPR-Documents/SL05412.pdfStat Crew Volleyball Interface Product Specifications478440
Stat Crew Hockey Interface Product Specifications Documents/HSPR-Documents/SL06040.pdfStat Crew Hockey Interface Product Specifications283166
Stat Crew Baseball Interface Product Specifications Documents/HSPR-Documents/SL05580.pdfStat Crew Baseball Interface Product Specifications294217
Stat Crew Football Interface Product Specifications Documents/HSPR-Documents/SL05919.pdfStat Crew Football Interface Product Specifications449465
DakStats/Stat Crew & Venus 7000 Quick Guide (ED-15578) Documents/DakStats/ED-15578.pdfDakStats/Stat Crew & Venus 7000 Quick Guide (ED-15578)317850

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