Scoreboard Controller Accessories

All Sport Radio Option

  • Uses a 2.4 GHz spread spectrum radio, which offers increased security and reduces the chance of interference
  • Eliminates the need for signal wire to the scoreboard
  • Features 64 non-interfering channels, allowing you to operate multiple independent radio systems at the same time
  • Controls adjacent courts or gyms at the same facility without interfering with one another using Daktronics exclusive multi-broadcast feature



All Sport Radio Control Option Product Specifications Documents/HSPR-Documents/SL04370.pdfAll Sport Radio Control Option Product Specifications245945
Remote Antenna Installation Quick Guide Documents/Customer-Service-Manuals/DD3548818.pdfRemote Antenna Installation Quick Guide1327836
Gen V Radio Installation Manual (ED-13831) Documents/Customer-Service-Manuals/ED-13831.pdfGen V Radio Installation Manual (ED-13831)2204363
Gen VI Radio Installation Manual (DD2362277) Documents/Customer-Service-Manuals/DD2362277.pdfGen VI Radio Installation Manual (DD2362277)2377925

All Sport Radio 


All Sport Carrying Case

  • Soft-side cases and ABS high-impact plastic cases protect your controller during transport
  • Smaller, clear cases for the All Sport 100 and All Sport 1600 protect the controllers while in use
  • Available for every model of All Sport controller



All Sport Carrying Cases Product Specifications Documents/HSPR-Documents/SL04551.pdfAll Sport Carrying Cases Product Specifications355054

All Sport Carrying Case 


All Sport Battery Pack

  • Provides a completely wireless power solution
  • Comes with a black cloth storage bag with a carrying strap
  • Smart charger plugs into the battery when not in use
  • Operates the controller for 24 hours when fully charged



All Sport Battery Pack Option Product Specifications Documents/HSPR-Documents/SL04457.pdfAll Sport Battery Pack Option Product Specifications102714

All Sport Battery Pack 


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