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Outdoor Full-Color Galaxy Message Displays

A Daktronics Galaxy® electronic message center (EMC) provides the most flexible solution available for a dynamic outdoor advertising medium or a source of community information.





3550 Series Galaxy Message Displays

People choose this display because of its reliability, easy control, and variety of sizes. High contrast makes its 68 billion colors rich. Filtered ventilation ensures durability.

More about the 3550 Series


3220 Series Galaxy Message Displays

Upgrade from a static sign. This efficient and reliable entry-level solution offers a 32,768 full-color capability.

More about the 3220 Series

Move up to the GalaxyPro.

GalaxyPro® Series of video messaging displays offers the market a new level of product. These displays run pre-produced video clips and messages with vibrant, photo quality images and crisp text.

See the GalaxyPro Series


Designed for Easy Installation and Maintenance.

Because Daktronics engineers understand time is important, we design products that are easy to install and maintain. Continuous feedback from our customers helps guide the way we build our displays.

Power supplies that are built to last.

Interchangeable power supplies within product series allow quicker maintenance and repair. They are also sealed to prevent corrosion.

Learn about our product reliability testing.

Ventilation designed for easy installation.

Front ventilation simplifies installation. No space for airflow is required on any side of the cabinet when shrouding. Note: 3500 series ventilation only.

Simplified connections.

Quick connections offer plug-and-play capability. Daktronics displays also offer an external junction box for easy power connection.

Several easy installation options.

Mounting clips on the display back provide several easy ways to install the display.

Why choose Daktronics?

We believe that we are the manufacturer most people turn to worldwide for LED display and scoreboard systems. Here are just a few reasons businesses continue to choose us.

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Connect with Venus 1500 Control Software

Make your display come to life with functional and easy to use Venus 1500 control software. Whether you are a business owner or a professional digital artist, Venus 1500 control software allows you to create content quickly and easily.

More About Venus 1500
Venus 1500 Control Software 

Wondering how to increase sales?

Our customers say LED digital displays help them reach front-door audiences faster and drive more traffic than they ever imagined. Download the guide, complete with testimonials, to demonstrate the incredible value digital displays provide.

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