6300 Series 12 mm Monochrome

Outdoor Galaxy® Message Display


Line-and-Column Spacing: 12mm
Character Height:
Pixel Configuration:
Maximum Brightness:
Lifetime (.5 brightness): 100,000 hours
Color Capability: 1 color (amber)
Horizontal Viewing Angle: 30 degrees
Vertical Viewing Angle: 30 degrees
Horizontal Readability Angle:
Vertical Readability Angle:
Minimum Viewing Distance:
Contrast Enhancement: Contrast enhancing polycarbonate face
Cabinet Configuration:
Graphic Capability:
Control Software: Control the display with Venus® 1500 or integrate with third-party control systems with the Venus® 1500 software developers kit (SDK).
Service Access: Front Access
Power: 120 or 240 VAC single phase
Display Dimming: 64 levels (automatic or manual control)
Operating Temperature:
Compliance Information: UL listed, NEMA 4X cabinet, IBC 2009, NEC
Warranty Coverage:



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Features and Benefits

  • Range of character sizes 2.1” to 14.4” for a vast range of viewing distances
  • NEMA 4X rating allows the cabinet to withstand extreme weather conditions, brake dust and corrosive environments; Cabinet structure designed meet to the 2009 International Building Code, allowing the display to withstand earthquakes and hurricanes
  • Application of conformal coating to all electronic components provides protection from harsh environmental conditions
  • Venus® 1500 protocol easily integrates with existing software used by most system integrators
  • RS232, RS422 or Ethernet (wired or fiber) communication options allow for flexible installation
  • A pixel test allows central control the ability to monitor LED status
  • A legibility threshold feature blanks the display should a configured number of LEDs fail.
  • In the event of communication loss to the display, the sign has the ability to be configured to blank

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Control the display with Venus® 1500 or integrate with third-party control systems with the Venus® 1500 software developers kit (SDK). Contact Daktronics for more information: 800-325-8726 or email masstransit@daktronics.com

Communication Options

Our mass transit displays give agencies and integrators the power to publish messages from a central location. These displays connect with control systems via RS232, RS422, Wi-Fi, Ethernet Bridge-Radio, Cellular IP and TCIP/IP Ethernet (wired or fiber).

Find more information about these communications options in our 2013 Mass Transit Catalog.

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6300 Series 12 mm Monochrome