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Harrisburg High School looked past the basic uses of its video display when the staff saw the potential within the classroom and the interest from the students.

The A/V Production works directly with the public, creating content for the school while serving the community.

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Add a new dimension to athletics and academics with a Daktronics video display.

Integrate the display into your classrooms where students create the content

Engage fans with team animations and stats to keep them hooked through halftime

Showcase local business ads and logos to generate revenue for your athletic program

Stream instant replays of the fans favorite catch or tackle that saved the game


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Harrisburg High School
Harrisburg High School
Harrisburg High School
Harrisburg High School
Harrisburg High School



Our students are totally responsible for the entire production. We have tied the board into our broadcasting class. Students work daily throughout the school year.Rayvan TeagueAthletic DirectorWestside High School
We hope to continue to have kids actively involved in creating content for the display as well as selling advertising.Kyle HutchinsonAthletic DirectorNevada High School
We want to get kids involved in some way so that it could benefit more kids than just those going out for sports.Kyle HutchinsonAthletic DirectorNevada High School
Our sports management class creates content for the display and sells ads for game nights.Kyle HutchinsonAthletic DirectorNevada High School
A majority of our content for our video board is student-centered and created mainly by students. Derek FinkActivities DirectorDenison High School

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How can my school get a video display? Through Daktronics Sports Marketing.

Create an annual revenue stream through advertising and sponsorships with your video display. Our Daktronics Sports Marketing (DSM) team provides the tools and resources needed to gain sponsor buy-in and maintain a happy relationship with your sponsors for years to come.

Daktronics has sold thousands of video displays; of those, over 400 are placed in high schools around the nation. Last year, DSM partnered with over 80 schools. Your school could be next!

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Daktronics Sports Marketing helped craft a design that fits with our new logo and direction for our school. They were very responsive and on top of getting the necessary items collected from our sponsors.Jeff KriewaldScottsbluff Booster PresidentScottsbluff Booster Club
The school has raised $174,000 to date and $58,000 this past season.Rayvan TeagueAthletic DirectorWestside High School
This is budget-friendly advertising for our local businesses. School and student sponsorship is tax deductible and a tremendous way to garner local patrons. Rayvan TeagueAthletic DirectorWestside High School
The permanent vinyl and lit ad panels went quickly, basically within the first month. The electronic ads continue to grow from year to year; each year has shown at least a 15% growth of new sponsors.Rayvan TeagueAthletic DirectorWestside High School
Daktronics Sports Marketing was very helpful in creating the electronic solicitation package and setting up the game-day advertisements.Rayvan TeagueAthletic DirectorWestside High School


Make it happen for your school.

The majority of your students may participate in athletic programs, but what about the students that don't? Bring all of your students together with video – those who are playing, those who are cheering, and those who love creating within the classroom.

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