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From professional county cricket grounds to small village clubs, Daktronics has countless options to meet your needs. Daktronics can even upgrade existing technologies for a more modern and sophisticated look. Many scoring displays also double as video screens to showcase animations and advertisements to please fans and sponsors alike.

Recommended products for cricket

Scoring & Timing

Daktronics offers a complete line of electronic cricket scoreboards.


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LED Video Displays

Show dynamic live video, dazzling graphics and logos, custom animation, up-to-the-minute information.

  • Match replays, fun promotions and graphics help create the ultimate home team advantage.
  • Run live video to make sure every seat is the best seat in the house.
  • Use a number of LED displays to give sponsors the ultimate package - a moment of exclusivity.
  • Visually show interesting game-in-progress information, such as wickets and overs as well as current run rate with real-time data.
  • Read below for ideas of how to make your venue a one-of-kind game-day experience.

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Message Displays

Message displays come in a variety of sizes in both monochrome and full color models.

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Adelaide Oval OvalWP-18339AdelaideGP0|#649ebb7f-075b-4ea8-9421-ae9afc4d746d;L0|#0649ebb7f-075b-4ea8-9421-ae9afc4d746d|Australia:AUS;GTSet|#3e339a2e-a8ca-45f0-a9b0-4c41af93626d
Qatar Cricket Stadium Cricket StadiumWP-18313DohaGP0|#58718343-5688-46a5-b61c-f0e9bd54cba8;L0|#058718343-5688-46a5-b61c-f0e9bd54cba8|Qatar:QAT;GTSet|#3e339a2e-a8ca-45f0-a9b0-4c41af93626d

Additional Product Applications


Marquees are a great way to get your events in the public eye. Increase ticket sales for upcoming events, show up-to-the-minute stats and game information and promote matches year-round.

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Ribbon Displays

Continue your advertising flexibility with ribbon displays along the fascia of the your arena, or as an exterior accent.

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Concourse Displays

Use a network of displays to deliver advertisements, relevant entertainment information and sports scores in the concourses and club areas.

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