Digital Billboard Common Questions

What can you expect from your digital billboard provider? What questions should you be asking? What value does Daktronics provide? Check out these common questions to find out what you need to know before you commit.


Questions to ask and what to expect.







6 Essential Questions

Does front and rear access come standard? Yes, our cabinet design comes standard with both front and rear access at no additional charge.

How do you monitor my digital billboard's health? We proactively detect potential display issues remotely. This maintains your billboard's uptime and maximizes your investment. Discover more about digital billboard monitoring.

Do you service/warranty beyond 5 years? We offer a wide range of maintenance and warranty options and customize our service packages based on your needs, for the life of your product.

What calibration methods do you offer? Our combination of calibration methods (factory calibration, remote field calibration and whole sign camera calibration) make our LED billboards visually superior for the product's lifetime. Just offering one of these calibration methods is not enough. All three are needed to keep your display looking great for years. Watch our calibration methods video.

What steps have you taken to lower costs? Our billboards only use extra-bright, energy-efficient LEDs from the world's leading suppliers. Plus, we use fewer of them per pixel for a lower energy bill.

Do the billboard's critical components, including the LED module, have 360 weather protection? We fully seal all our modules, power supplies and components. In addition, with an IP-67 rating, our digital billboards deliver unmatched defense against the outdoor elements. Watch our frozen module test video.


Product Questions

What sizes do you offer? How much do they weigh? How much power do they use? We offer all standard sizes and can build a billboard to meet your specification. View our digital billboard sizes.

Do you offer a virtual product? No. A virtual product is one that does not have red, green, and blue LEDs dedicated to each pixel. Instead, the pixels share some LEDs between each other, hence making it a "virtual" product.

What types of pixel technology do you offer? We offer two different pixel types for billboard product, MT and OT, both of which have dedicated red, green, and blue LEDs with each pixel. MT is in a classic delta configuration and OT pixels are in a ground-breaking, staggered, straight line design that offers increased contrast to the display. Learn more about our technology.

Are digital billboards green and eco-friendly? Yes. Digital billboards eliminate the paper/vinyl used on traditional billboards, saving fuel as well as materials and harsh chemicals used on each traditional change out. In addition, each generation of digital billboards improves power efficiency. For example, our current digital billboard product uses 70% less power than the first generation of Daktronics digital billboards. Discover more about our energy efficient technology.

What standards do you comply with? UL and IBC 2006.

Is your software available online? The Visiconn® display management solution is a rights-based web application so it is accessed online. A display owner, advertiser, etc., can log in to the Visiconn solution and upload new content, a new schedule, or approve content. Learn more about our software.




General Questions

Do you finance? Yes, we offer several competitive ways to finance a digital billboard. Contact a Daktronics sales representative for more details.

What are the ongoing digital billboard costs?
  • Power - Power costs vary greatly by pixel pitch, display size, and local rates.
  • Maintenance/Service Agreement - Maintenance costs vary depending on what type of service contract the customer purchases. Daktronics offers maintenance packages that range from parts only to full parts and labor.
How many advertisers can be on each display? The number of advertisers that can be shown on each display is virtually limitless, although most customers prefer to have a few advertisers showing their content during any period of the day. However, this really depends on the strategy you've devised for your digital billboard.

What's an average hold time? Typically, the average hold time is 6-10 seconds but can be adjusted to meet any local regulations.



Service Questions

How long does an installation take? We recommend scheduling at least a day for every digital billboard installation, but in some cases and situations, we've installed a display in approximately 4 hours.

How do you operate digital billboard? Our digital billboards run content that is uploaded to the display via an Internet connection.

Do you offer dynamic data such as AMBER Alerts™? Yes, Daktronics Data Service (DDS) is a service available to Visiconn users that enables dynamic data integration. This provides an easy way to incorporate real-time data, text and images from updated sources such as news, weather, sports feeds, AMBER Alerts and financial information.

How do I obtain permits? Our Sign Legislation Department can provide sign ordinance language, draft amendments catered to specific code language or even come and testify at a regulatory meeting to help you gain your digital billboard permit or optimal code language.


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