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Creative Services

Trust Daktronics Creative Services team in Shanghai to provide solutions to fill all of your needs regarding:

Fly-Through Visualization

Modeled environment featuring motion content on the display and camera movement.

Sanya Phoenix Island Fly-through Rendering

Sanya Phoenix Island

Shanghai SWFC Fly-through Rendering

Shanghai SWFC

Project Renderings

Dubai Leader Sports Complex Rendering

3D - Dubai Leader Sports Complex

Modeled display/architectural lighting elements showing a three-dimensional perspective.

2D - Malaysia KLCC

The 2D colorization of a static display/architectural lighting element proposal drawing inserted into a photo of the customer property.

Malaysia KLCC Rendering

Customised Content

Specialized solutions for promotional branding in commercial, sports, architecutral lighting, and advertising. Branding spots for high-end retail locations, gaming establishments, and high traffic tourist areas, etc.

Nippon-ham Fighters Content

Nippon-ham Fighters

Shimizudai Park Stadium Content

Shimizudai Park Stadium

Beijing Indigo Nightsky Content

Beijing Indigo Nightsky

Beijing Indigo Leaves Content

Beijing Indigo Leaves

Real Footage

Capture professional video footage of Daktronics installation to be edited into project highlight videos.

Shanghai Mosaic Real Footage

Shanghai Mosaic

Yiwu Shimao Real Footage

Yiwu Shimao

Wuxi IICG Real Footage



Trust Daktronics to provide renderings that are accurate to the delivered product. See examples of how Daktronics renderings match here.

Shanghai SWFC Comparison

Shanghai SWFC

Chongqing Guohua

Chongqing Guohua

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