Generate new revenue through advertising and entertainment with LED displays.

Digital advertising entertains and entices people to buy. Brilliant colors, smooth movements, and sharp contrast capture the eye and inspire the imagination.

No matter the size of your facility, digital displays set you apart from the competition. Build a dynamic identity for your shopping center. Attract both tenants and shoppers with vibrant images and color.

Displays are often a consumer's first visual. Digital advertising entertains and entices people to buy. Digital displays also help your tenants promote their brands; the more you help them sell, the more loyal they become.

LED Displays Build Excitement and Impact Brands

LED display for entertainment on ceiling

Light Up Your Facility with LED Displays

  • Media facades and walls
  • Destination signage
  • Urban screens and renewal
  • Brandscapes and mediascapes
  • Interactive architecture
  • Branding and advertising
  • Branded cities
  • Attract impulse shoppers
  • Engage shoppers with interactive content

LED Advertising Display Products

From New York City's Times Square to the Inter IKEA Malls in China, Daktronics designs, engineers, and installs some of the world's most extraordinary LED video displays.

Unique Shapes

Curved Displays

Banner Displays

Elevator Wraps

Ceiling Displays

Bulkhead/Bridge Displays

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