How to set source transitions for play command scripts in Show Control


  • How to set source transitions for play command scripts in Show Control
  • How to create a default transition for content in Show Control.


  • Product Family: Control Systems
  • Product:
  • Components: DMP-8000 Player (version 7.20 or above)
  • Control System: Show Control  (version or above)


The default transition will work for any play list command or quick display content.  It is recommended to create a separate script button for default transitions or incorporate the command it in a startup script.  This allows for a quicker way to alter transitions vs. imbedding a transition script into every play command. 

  1. For an introduction to scripting in Show Control, see: How to Create Scripting Containers and Buttons.
  2. Create a new script button within a scripting container. This will be a default script button.  After this button is selected, the transitions will default to the specified setting. The same default transition will also apply to items in a quick display playlist.
    1. To start a line of script, select the + icon in the bottom left of the newly created button.  Give the button a name.  Examples for this application would be Default Fade Zone Transition, Default Cube Zone Transition, etc.
      Step 4.png
    2. In Step 1, choose the DMP-8000 Player Control.
      default cube transition2.png
    3. In Step 2, choose the zone for the transition.
      default cube transition3.png
    4. In Step 3, scroll down and choose Set Zone Transition.
      default cube transition4.png
    5. In Step 4, choose the transition and the duration. Choices are: cut, fade, circle, cover, cube, doorway, dissolve, flip, fold, page curl, push, radial random squares, reveal, swap, and wipe. The duration will be the time for the transition to complete.
      default transition.png
    6. Click save and then click the button to test.
      • To verify this is working, play content via script or playlist button and look for the transitions at the beginning. 

The script steps are also demonstrated below:


Here is an example of what the cube transition looks like:

cube transition.gif


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