How do I enable Lineup Scoring Decision in DSTI?


  • How do I enable Lineup Scoring Decision in DSTI?


  • DSTI (min version
  • DakStats Interface (min version 4.89)


  1. Download the latest version of DSTI from DakFiles if not already installed.
  2. Open DSTI by going to Start > All Programs > Daktronics > or double-click the DSTI icon on the desktop.
  3. Ensure the Sport is set to Baseball/Softball and the Interface is set to DakStats.
  4. Go to the Control menu and verify Show Lineup Scoring Decision is checked.

DSTI Lineup Scoring Decision.png 

In the “DSTI DSBA SCOREBOARD” RTD stream, the HOME/VISITOR LINEUP # - BATTING AVERAGE fields will now output a shortened scoring decision description.

KB ID: DD3575488

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