How to wire signal between multiple outdoor gyrus scoreboards.


  • How do I wire copper signal between multiple outdoor scoreboard cabinets using Gyrus drivers.


  • Outdoor Scoreboards that originally shipped with Gyrus drivers.
    • Scoreboards with a manufacture date of 22 April 2015 or greater.
  • Radio Receiver
  • 1 @ Surge Card per Scoreboard Cabinet - 0P-1782-0004.
  • 2 conductor, 22 awg Stranded, Shielded Signal Wire.


  1. Ensure P1/P43, located in the driver enclosure, is plugged into J1 of surge card.
  2. On the scoreboard receiving signal from the All Sport console, wire signal cable into TB2  (Signal/CL OUT).  Positive on Pin 1, Negative on Pin 2.
  3. On next scoreboard wire signal cable into TB1 (Signal/CL IN). Positive on Pin 1, Negative on Pin 2.
  4. Repeat steps 1 through 3 for additional scoreboards.  

surge card small2.jpg driver.JPGsimple.jpg

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