How to play back a web page on a DMP-8000 Player


  • How to play back a web page (website) on a DMP-8000 Player
  • How to use web page playback?


  • DMP-8000 version 7.7 with Windows 7 OS
  • Show Control System / Display Studio



  1. Make a .URI File
    1. Open a new notepad file
    2. Type the URL (web address) into the notepad file. 
    3. Save file using .URI file extension into the content folder of the player you wish to play the web page from.

                  screendfeed uri capture.PNG

   2. Make a button in Display Studio, choosing the .URI file just like you would choose any other Daktronics approved file type (.JPEG, .PNG, .MP4)

web playback script.png 

       3. Click button in Display Studio to trigger the file to play. Note that it may take a bit of time for the web page to load.  

 If you're having trouble or would like assistance coding playback for specific web pages, our Daktronics Professional Services team can help. Contact your Account Service Manager or Regional Applications Engineer to request pricing and receive assistance.

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