Venus is showing DMP or VIP is offline but the other is showing on line, Network is not assigning the display any DNS servers


  • GS6 may be playing content, but Venus Control Suite (VCS) shows DMP as 1 of 1 online and VIP as 0 of 1 online.
  • VIP or DMP show online, but the other is showing offline.
  • VIP is configured for DHCP.
  • DNS servers are showing as "obtain an IP address automatically."
  • All configuration settings on the VIP are correctly set.
  • In the tools tab, network shows the IP information but DNS servers are blank.


  • GS6/GC6, DB-5000, DB-6000, DB-6400
  • DMP-8000, DMP-5000, DMP-8065, DMP-8050, DMP-5050, VIP-5060, VIP-5050
  • Venus Control Suite (VCS)


  • Network is not properly assigning the display any DNS servers.


  • Resolve issue with network not being able to assign DNS servers or perform work around below.

Work Around

  1. Go to the VIP or DMP web configuration and set DNS Servers to static IP address.
    • If using a public DNS Server(Example: DNS 1 =, DNS 2 =, the network will need to allow UDP traffic on port 53 as well.
  2. Send configuration.

KB ID: DD3382551

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