How to set a Custom IP address on the OmniSport 2000e console


  • How to set a custom IP address on the OmniSport 200e console.


  • OmniSport 2000e
    • 0A-1240-0082, 0083. 0084, 0085, 0098
  • Swimming


  • Important Note: Once the console has been successfully connected to a network, it must be disconnected from the network in order to change the IP address settings.
  1. Power on the OmniSport 2000e console and chose "Swimming" mode.
  2. Press the "Menu" key on the console.
  3. Press "4>7>2" to navigate to the "Setup>Network>IP Address" menu.  Note: The menu numbers to get to the IP address setting may change based on the sport.
    ip address.png
  4. Press "2" on the number pad and press enter.
    std custom menu.png
  5. Use the 0-9 keys to enter a new value for each group of numbers, press enter after every group.
  6. Once the IP address has been modified to the correct value, press the "Menu" key to return to normal console operation.

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