How to setup virtual pixels or cabinets (TTable) for nonstandard J Series or L Series Display


  • How to setup virtual pixels or cabinets (TTable) for nonstandard display?
    • If there is gap between different display sections, we need to create virtual pixels to let content to match the physical display.  This will allow for smooth transitions and minimize the appearance of tearing content.virtual pixels1.png


  • NovaStar
  • Nova MCTRL660 sender box
  • MRV300Q
  • Gold Family Displays
    • J Series Displays
    • L Series Display 


1. Install and run NovaLCT-Mars 4.4.x on laptop or DMP computer or Mini compute.

See steps 1-4 of How to configure a sender box for J Series and L Series Displays?

2. After logging in as an advanced user, go to Screen Configuration and Select Com port from pull down menu—Click Next.virtual pixels2.png

3. Under screen connection:

a. Check 'Standard Screen'

b. Enter Columns and Rows of cabinets (not Mods!)

c. Make sure Receiver Card Size width and height are equal to pixel resolution of a display section. For standard J-10, this would be 96x96, and for standard L-16, this would be 64x64.virtual pixels3.png

d. The table is the front view. For this example, we need to add 20 pixels height in the 3rd row and 6th row, then it should be set 64X84(WxH), and then click cabinet in the 3rd and the 6th row to edit the height value to 84pixels.virtual pixels4.png

e. Click "Send to Hardware" followed by "Save",and the content will follow up the new size 616(H)X 576 (W).

virtual pixels5.png 

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